Physical Skills, Build A Strong Body

Who doesn’t want their kids to stay strong and healthy? This is especially true for parents of babies and toddlers because our little humans are so precious and fragile. So how do we help our children build a robust and strong body?



Baby walkers are wonderful tools to encourage and assist our little one to take the first step. Wait, you have heard negative opinions about walkers? Well, they might be true for certain types of walkers. That’s why there are new styles of walkers that address these concerns.




Children at this age are eager to explore nature. What’s the best way to assist their small excursion? Tricycles! Don’t be nervous, mama! These trikes have parent steering handles so that you will still be in control.


staying outdoors

Staying Outdoors

Encouraging kids to spend more time outdoors can help them develop a stronger immune system. Additionally, kids can get vitamin D in the most natural way through sunlight.


staying active

Stay Active

Besides reducing screentime and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, staying physically active can help kids build a stronger body and develope better agility. How to encourage kids to move around? Involve them in interesting and fun activities!