Best Ride-On Train for Toddlers of 2024


Are you looking for the best ride-on train for toddlers? It’s no surprise that ride-on trains are one of the most loved toys for toddler boys and girls, along with many other energy-burning toys.

As your child learns to balance her body and coordinate her arms and legs, ride-on toys such as cars, rockers, and scooters become her new favorite. If your spirited toddler loves trains in particular, she will be thrilled to own a beautiful ride-on train toy.

In this article, let’s explore the best ride-on train for toddlers in the market today. They will make excellent gifts to bring excitement and smiles to your toddler.

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Best Ride-On Train for Toddlers

1. Best Far West Style Ride-On Train for Toddlers

Santa Fe Train by Peg Perego

What Makes It Special?

  • It includes a built-in rechargeable battery
  • It comes with 12 curved tracks

The Santa Fe Train by Peg Perego has many exciting features. Besides its far west stylish look, this ride-on train can travel on a circular track as well as directly on the floor.

This train is designed for toddlers 1.5 years and older. The base of the train is extra wide to provide better stability. Additionally, it makes vivid train sounds to make the riding experience more realistic.

Another great thing is that you don’t need to purchase separate AA batteries as this train sports a rechargeable battery. It is the best ride-on train for toddlers to enjoy unlimited rides.

Rollplay Steam Train 6-Volt Battery- Powered Ride-On

2. Best Ride-On Steam Train for Toddlers

Rollplay Steam Train

What Makes It Special?

  • It features headlights, whistles, and a detachable caboose.
  • It releases real steam.

If you are looking for the best ride-on train for toddlers that come with all the nuts and bolts, the Rollplay Steam Train will not let you down.

This train features working headlights and whistle sounds and your little toddler can control them by pressing the colorful buttons. What’s really cool is that this train can release real steam into the air!

If your little one would like to carry his animal friends for a ride, his passenger can sit comfortably in the detachable caboose. As to the power source, this ride-on train features a rechargeable battery and a single charge can last up to 2 hours.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

3. Best Sit-to-Stand Ride-On Train for Toddlers

Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train by VTech

What Makes It Special?

  • It can convert to a push walker.
  • It features lots of toy accessories, including a smart sorter.

For small toddlers who are yet able to control an electronic ride-on train, we recommend the Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train by VTech.

Since I introduced this ride-on train to my daughter at 9 months, it has become her favorite until this day. This train features interactive buttons that can speak and sing.

What’s really impressive is that your toddler can insert any block into the cellphone holder and the train can teach the letter on the block. Additionally, this ride-on train can count numbers as your child throws the blocks into the chute.

This toy is the best ride-on train for toddlers who just started learning to walk.

Disney Minnie Mouse Play n' Sort Activity Train

4. Best Ride-On-Train for Toddlers Who Are Disney Fans

Minnie Mouse Activity Train

What Makes It Special?

  • It features adorable Minnie or Micky Mouse.
  • It features a shape sorter and a push handle.

Are you looking for the best ride-on train for toddlers who are huge Disney fans? If so, your little one will be thrilled to have the Minnie Mouse Activity Train (alternatively you can get the Micky Mouse version).

Besides its attractive appearance, what we really love about this ride-on train is the realistic engine and whistle sounds, as well as Mini’s beautiful voice. To keep your little one entertained, this toy train comes with a shape sorter featuring Disney characters.

What many parents also appreciate is the handle on the back. In addition to preventing toddlers from falling, it also functions as a parent push handle.

Radio Flyer 500 with Ramp, Toddler Ride On Toy

5. Best Ride-On Train for Toddlers with Ramp

Radio Flyer Ride-On Toy

What Makes It Special?

  • It features a raised ramp with race toy car tracks.
  • The ride-on can be used both indoors and outdoors.

If you have a spirited toddler who is also adventurous, the Radio Flyer Ride-On Toy will be a huge hit.

This ride-on toy is a combination of a ride-on car and a 6-foot long ramp with miniature car tracks. The ride-on vehicle is designed to use on both indoor floors and outdoor grounds.

What you will love is that the base turns into a storage box to hold all parts together. It even comes with wheels and a handle so that you can drag it along.

You should note though this ride-on toy is designed for kids between 3 to 5 years.

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Step2 Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster

6. Best Roller Coaster Ride-On Train for Toddlers

Up & Down Roller Coaster by Step 2

What Makes It Special?

  • It features an up & down ramp that resembles a roller coaster.
  • The track is 10 feet long and can be used outdoors.

Toddlers are too young to enjoy roller coaster rides but this Up & Down Roller Coaster Toy can give your little one a taste of it.

The 10-feet ramp consists of three tracks and it’s a breeze to put them together. The tracks are well recessed to guarantee safety. Your toddler can rest his feet inside the ride-on train and relax on the high back.

When the weather is good, it will be much more fun to bring the whole set outside in the backyard. When your little one is tired of the tracks, she can freestyle by powering the ride-on toy with her legs.

Kiddieland Toys Limited Battery-Powered Mickey Choo

7. Best Ride-On Train for Toddlers with Twisted Tracks

Ride-On Train with Caboose & Tracks

What Makes It Special?

  • It can go forward, backward, and stop.
  • It comes with a twisted track and has two riding modes.

If you would like the best ride-on train for toddlers that can be used with battery power as well as manually, then this Ride-On Train with Caboose & Tracks is a nice choice. You can slide a button to switch between two riding modes.

This ride-on train comes with toys such as gears and flipping tabs. What’s unique is that the included track is twisted around. Some toddlers find it much more fun than the standard circular tracks.

This ride-on train is powered by 6 D batteries though they are included. You may want to purchase additional ones just in case the batteries run out.

Guide to Selecting the Best Ride-On Train for Toddlers

Like all other ride-on toys, a ride-on train is great for toddlers to practice overall body balance. While shopping for the best ride-on train for toddlers, the following tips can help you make a better informed decision.

Check and power source of the ride-on train

Granted that powered ride-on toys are more exciting as your toddler can travel much further without breaking a sweat. Additionally, he gets a chance to control speed and direction.

However, not all toddlers are ready for powered ride-on trains. The key challenge of operating a powered ride-on train is to balance the body when the train starts and stops. These motions can throw a child off balance and can be dangerous.

In that case, a non-powered ride-on train is a better choice as your child will control the train mechanically using his legs.

If your toddler is ready for a powered ride-on train, check the power source of the train. Some ride-on trains have reusable batteries while some use regular batteries. You may also need to purchase separate AA batteries ahead of time.

Check if the ride-on train comes with a track

Most ride-on toys are designed to travel freely. The challenge of which is that your child is in control of where the ride-on goes and he may end up knocking down furniture or fragile items.

Ride-on trains with a track can provide a predefined path for your toddler to travel on. Therefore, these trains are suitable for little toddlers who don’t yet know how to use a steering handle.

If you do decide to buy a ride-on train for toddlers with tracks, make sure to check the size of the tracks and that you have enough room to place them.

Check the entertainment options on the ride-on train

A ride-on train is not just a vehicle to carry your toddler from place to place, but also an entertainment center to keep him busy while he is taking a break.

The best ride-on train for toddlers should come with interesting and interactive toy accessories. For example, such ride-on trains come with interactive buttons and sorting toys while other ones can play music and teach languages.

Check if the ride-on train can be used outdoors

Most ride-on trains are designed for indoor use. However, some models are designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you are lucky to have good weather around the year, getting an outdoor use train-on train can be a great way to encourage your toddler to stay outside.

But make sure to only use the ride-on toy in a safe area with your supervision. Never use a ride-on toy for a toddler on driveways as parents don’t have control of the toy.

FAQs About Ride-On Trains for Toddlers

What age can a kid start using ride-on trains?

In order to use a ride-on train, a child must be able to sit without assistance and grab the handle firmly. That’s why the minimum age to use a ride-on train is 9 months.

However, if you are getting a powered ride-on train where your child can control the speed and direction, the minimum age is generally around 2 years.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommended age before you purchase a ride-on train for your child.

Are ride-on trains worth it?

The key benefit of a ride-on train is to help your child practice overall body balance while stay entertained.

Unlike ride-on cars or rockers, a ride-on train can come with tracks and ramps. This can be more exciting for kids and can keep them busy for a longer time.


Have you found the best ride-on train for toddlers? Whether you get a ride-on train with a track, a ramp, or one that’s powered mechanically, I’m sure it will keep your toddler boy or girl busy for a while. After all, playing with a ride-on train is one of the first steps to freedom and independence for toddlers.