Best Nerf Guns for 6-Year-Old Kids


What are the best nerf guns for 6-year-old kids? Let’s see what we have found out from toy experts.

Nerf blasters are fun toys that also bring a sense of accomplishment. Whether playing with it by oneself or as a group, nerf guns help kids learn to focus, aim, stay patient, and be a team player.

The challenge is that most nerf guns are made for kids older than 8-years. What are the best nerf guns for 6-year-olds or even younger kids? Let’s find out.

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These are the best nerf gun blasters that are age-appropriate for six-year-old kids. They are entertaining, easy to use, and every bit of fun. Let’s find out why.

1. Best Overall Nerf Gun for 6-Year-Olds

Big League Blaster Gun by Newisland

Newisland Big League Blaster Gun with Foam Darts and Dartboard


  • Stylish appearance with vibrant colors
  • Easy to load and no jamming issues
  • Sticky darts are easy to retrieve


  • No other color options

New Darts – Loved by many kids and parents, this blaster gun has gone through multiple upgrades. The biggest improvement in this latest version is that the dart can be easily attached to the shooting surface. This nerf gun comes with a dartboard for more options for gameplay.

Design – Weighing 9.6 ounces, this nerf gun is a breeze to carry and aim. One common frustration about nerf guns is the jamming issue. That is why this newest model has improved tremendously in its loading mechanism.

Functionality – With a shooting range of 40 feet, the Newisland Big League Blaster is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Though you need to consider the impact of the wind when using it outside. This nerf gun is not only a toy for your kiddo to make good use of his limitless energy but also a wonderful tool for family time and teambuilding.

Overall – Stylish and bold looking, fun and engaging, and reasonably-priced, this Newisland Big League Blaster Gun has everything you need in a nerf gun for smaller kids. All things considered, we recommend the Newisland Big League as the best nerf gun for 6-year-old kids.

2. Best Splurge Nerf Gun for 6-Year-Olds

Death Trooper by Star Wars

81BpS8G41L. AC SL1500


  • Can fire 3 darts in a row
  • Blasts with sound effects and light effects
  • Uses GlowSrike technology


  • Expensive
  • Only comes with three darts

Design – What can be more cool than Star Wars? This Death Trooper makes the perfect gift for any Star War fun. The most charming feature about this gun is its GlowStrike technology. The darts are charged and will illuminate light effects when blasted. At the same time, the gun will make laser sound effects. What a great way to pretend to be an elite soldier of the Imperial Intelligence.

Blasting Mechanism – In addition to the pump-action feature, this nerf gun can blast three darts at once. The gun comes with demo batteries, which is required to charge the darts, but not needed for shooting.

Overall – Our only reservation for this nerf gun is the price. But besides that, we love its well-thought-through design and realistic user experience. It will certainly become your 6-year-old’s new favorite.

3. Best Value Nerf Gun for 6-Year-Olds

Blaster Set by POKONBOY

POKONBOY 2 Sets Blaster Toy Guns for Boy, Foam Bullet Toy Gun


  • Great price point for two baster guns and 60 foam bullets
  • Comes with both regular and sticky foam darts
  • Made with environmentally-friendly ABS plastic


  • Suction of the sticky foam darts is not very strong

Accessories -This nerf gun set comes with two blasters of different colors, 40 foam bullets, and 20 suction darts that can stick to smooth surfaces. All these together only cost only around $20.

Easiness to use – Though some people may find it bulky looking, these nerf guns have a sturdy build that can withstand kids’ banging and throwing. Beyond that, it is super easy to load the bullets and the guns rarely have jamming issues.

Overall – If you are looking for a starter nerf gun and don’t want to spend too much money on it, we highly recommend the POKONBOY Blaster Gun Set. This is the best nerf gun for 3-year-old kids for shoppers on a budget.

4. Most Stylish Nerf Gun for 6-Year-Olds

Toy Blaster Set by Fstop Labs

Image 16


  • Fabulous design and appearance
  • Comes with two wrist bands to hold darts
  • Fires up to 40 feet


  • Need to pay extra for dart boards

Appearance – If you are looking for a nerf gun that has a stylish appearance, look no further. This Nerf Gun Set is one of the most popular choices by 4-year-olds. Its muscular curves and fashionable color combination makes a handsome toy for your kiddo.

Safety – Though the blaster makes realistic shooting sounds, the foam darts are harmless and perfectly safe for your 4-year-old. Measuring 8 inches long and 5 inches high, this nerf blaster is comfortable to grab and sturdy to hold.

Accessories – This nerf gun comes with 30 foam darts and 2 wrist bands. Also, these darts will stick to objects so that retrieving them is easy.

Overall – Priced at under $20 for a set of two, this Nerf Gun Set not only looks charming but is also a budge and economic option.

5. Best Alternative Nerf Gun for 6-Year-Olds

Fortnite Water Blasterg by NERF

Fortnite Water Blasterg by NERF


  • Substitute bullet with water, safer to use
  • Can hold 1 liter of water
  • Fortnite-inspired design


  • Some 6-year-olds may not feel excited about water blasters

Safety – Despite the fact that most people like pretend shooting games, not every parent is comfortable with foam bullets. This blaster uses water as a safe alternative. Parents don’t need to worry about anyone getting injured by foam bullets. Of course, this means this nerf blaster is more suitable for outdoor use.

Blasting mechanism – Though not as forceful as bullets, this toy gun is every bit of gun. The high pressure from the water can give your target a painful “ouch”! With the ability to hold 1 liter of water, this gun can last 49 rounds of shooting without reloading. You also don’t need to worry about picking up the bullets or spending additional money on the refills. But take note that loading a water gun a more time-consuming.

Overall – As an alternative to nerf guns that use foam darts, this water blaster gives parents a better peace of mind. In addition, it makes a great toy for hot weather!

6. Most Fun Nerf Gun for 6-Year-Olds

Electric Scoring Newf Gun

71lPbp9oe7L. AC SL1300


  • Substitute bullet with water, safer to use
  • Can hold 1 liter of water
  • Fortnite-inspired design


  • Some 6-year-olds may not feel excited about water blasters

Cute Design – This nerf gun and target set is designed for little kids. The target features three funny looking monsters with interesting facial expressions. Contrary to traditional nerf gun targets that promote accuracy and aiming, this target focus on attracting toddlers’ attention.

Blasting mechanism – Loading the nerf gun is very easy. All your kid needs to do is to pull back the loading string and insert the foam nerf dart. It is specifically designed for 6-year-olds’ little hands to operate.

Target and Scoring – Whether playing alone or with friends, your kid will hit the target one by one. Once all three targets are down, the automatic scoring board will register one point. Additionally, all targets will spring up within three seconds. Therefore, your child doesn’t need to run over the manually push up the targets. The scoring board can take up to 15 points.

Accessories – Besides the targets, this nerf gun set comes with two toy guns that measure 8.7 inches long each. In addition, it includes 30 re-usable sticky foam darts.

Overall – This nerf gun set is ideal for kids who love to have fun by practicing nerf gun shooting. The adorable design promotes a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, the automatic reset feature makes it easy to carry on with the game.

7. Easiest Nerf Gun for 6-Year-Olds

Exercise N Play Power Popper Set 

Exercise N Play Power Popper Set


  • Features stronger solid spring structure
  • Can shoot from all 360 degrees
  • Can shoot up to 12 meters
  • Easier and faster to load from the front


  • Balls are not sticky and take more effort to pick up

Pump Action – Unlike traditional nerf guns that use long nerf darts, these Power Poppers use round foam balls that kids are more familiar with. These poppers have strong launching power that can shoot the balls up to 35 to 40 feet far. To blast the foam balls, your child needs to pull the rear rod to inflate the tube with air, then all he needs to do is to push the rod with force. The air will pump the foam ball towards the target.

However, the downside of using a foam ball is that they can not stick to a surface and roll all over the place. It makes you exercise more by bending down and picking up the balls.

Loading – This nerf gun features a front-loading mechanism. All your kid needs to do is to push the foam balls into the mezzanine one by one. Additionally, each gun can hold multiple balls at once. Therefore, you don’t need to load after each shot. The consecutive shooting is great for nerf games and parties.

Design– The front end of the nerf gun has a stand to help your kid aim better. But that’s not all, the front end can rotate 360 degrees so that your 6-year-old can place the nerf gun on the ground, furniture, or the wall to aim at the target.

Overall – Measuring 42.5cm long and 15cm tall, this Power Power Nerf Gun Set is easy to use for 6-year-olds thanks to the pumping mechanism. It’s great for 6-year-olds who like to play nerf games with families and friends.

Guide to Selecting the Best Nerf Gun for 6-Year-Old Kids

While choosing the best nerf gun for 6-year-old kids, you want to look for something that can deliver the shooting experience while ensuring safety. Below are some criteria for you to consider.

  • Age limit: Manufacturers are required to design and produce nerf guns to meet certain regulations and restrictions. Therefore, it’s important to check the recommended age range. Most nerf guns today are designed for kids 8-years or older. There are still plenty of options for kids as young as 3-years-old.
  • Ammo type: There are three types of ammunition for nerf guns: traditional darts, mega darts, and high-impact rounds. For 6-year-olds, the majority of the nerf guns use lightweight sponge darts. Some of them are made with sticky foam that can stay on the target. This makes it easier to retrieve later.
  • Size and weight: Since a nerf gun will need to be carried throughout the play, a lightweight unit can make the experience less tiring. Furthermore, for small kids, the ability to firmly grab the unit is important to ensure safety during the loading and shooting process. Most plastic nerf guns for 6-year-olds weigh around 10 ounces.
  • Range and power: Most nerf guns for small kids can shoot up to 40 feet. They also have limited power to reduce the impact on the target.
  • Extra features: Different nerf blaster models come with some extra features. Some have special light effects and sound effects while some come in the shape of a crossbow. There are even nerf blasters that can be used underwater.

FAQ’s About Nerf Gun Toys

Are Nerf Guns Safe for Kids?

It’s a known fact that nerf guns are the most popular and asked-for toy for holiday seasons. They are fun for both group play and individual play. While most parents love how they bring excitement, confidence, and laughter to their kids as well as the entire family, there is always a question on the back of their mind: are nerf guns safe for my kid?

Unlike other toy guns, nerf guns shoot out foam sponge darts at limited power. The foam bullets are mostly made with lead-free lightweight material. Generally say, they are pretty safe during the course of an uneventful NERF game. These toys have been around since the 1970s. In the past couple of decades, the regulations have gotten tighter. All nerf guns in the market today are made to meet these standards.

However, it is not uncommon for people to get eye injures by nerf gun bullets. The most-reported injuries include corneal scratch, internal bleeding in the eye, blurred vision, and in the worst-case scenario, temporary loss of vision. No matter how gentle it can be, the foam darts should not be aimed at someone’s eyes directly. It’s recommended to wear protective glasses during a shooting game.

Another potential danger is that some kids may try to modify the guns and ammunition. With easy access to social media and online shopping, people can find plenty of instructional videos and material to temper with toy guns. Though uncommon, it is possible that the modification turns the toy gun and ammo into something dangerous and forceful. For 6-year-old kids, this usually is not of concern. But if there are older siblings or friends, you should keep an eye on such intents.

How to Teach A Child to Use Nerf Guns?

If your kid is a nerf gun beginner, it is a good idea to give him or her a crash course first. Here are some safety tips for 6-year-old nerf gun users:

1. Never leave the blaster unattended if there are smaller kids around. Younger siblings may get a hold of it and get injured.
2. Do not look down the barrel as it may lead to eye injury
3. Wear protective goggles during play
4. Never aim and shoot directly to people’s or animal’s eyes
5. Never play a nerf gun in a moving vehicle
6. Never re-paint or modify the color of a nerf gun. It must be in bright colors to distinguish from a real gun.
7. Do not modify a nerf gun to increase its power
8. Limit the use of firearm toys to avoid identity confusions


Playing with nerf blasters or having a nerf gun party is a fun way to help kids spend their energy. It also helps avoid a sedentary life style that can lead to health problems. With the holidays coming up, your 6-year-old will love it when you present them a cool nerf blaster and don’t be surprised if they start practicing right away.