SlumberPod vs SnoozeShade: Which One Should You Buy for Your Baby?


If a baby doesn’t sleep peacefully, they get cranky, and their sleep patterns get disrupted, making it complicated for you to handle a fussy baby. Babies need their sleep, and with the right sleep equipment, your baby can sleep soundly and wake up fresh and happy. 

SlumberPod and SnoozeShade are two of the most popular sleep tents for babies that help create a dark environment for your baby to sleep peacefully through the night. Both, the SnoozeShade, and SlumberPod are unique and have quality features that will benefit you and your baby. 

Though you might be wondering which one is the best? In this article, we will compare the SlumberPod vs SnoozeShade, so you can decide what is best for your baby to sleep. 

If you are in a hurry, you can always jump to the comparison guide, the comparison table, or even check out the product review section to know which product you should buy and why. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Best for Parents Who Like to Travel

SlumberPod Portable Privacy Sleep Nook

Perfect for Babies who get fussy during road trips and vacations and need a comfortable and cozy place to sleep in soundly.

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Best Portable Cover for Pack ‘n Play

SnoozeShade Canopy Cover and Tent

A versatile and significantly affordable portable cover for pack ‘n play tents that create the perfect sleep environment for your little one. 

Differences Between a SlumberPod and SnoozeShade

A SlumberPod is a blackout privacy nook for babies to sleep in peacefully in any room during the day or night. While the SnoozeShade is a rectangular cover for Pack n’ Play or a travel crib that is made of breathable mesh material. The SnoozeShade can be used for newborn babies and up, while the SlumberPod is recommended for babies at least 4 months old and above. Both the SnoozeShade’s and SlumberPod’s main purpose is to create a blackout environment for your baby to sleep in soundly and wake up happy. 

The key differences between SlumberPod vs SnoozeShade are:

  • SlumberPod is an actual tent with poles that needs to be assembled. It has plenty of space to fit over a travel crib, mini-crib, or even a toddler cot. While a SnoozeShade is a blackout canopy that can cover most travel cots to create a cozy space for your baby to sleep in. 
  • When it comes to the level of darkness, the SlumberPod is a complete blackout privacy nook that does not let any light in until you open up a ventilation flap that lets some of the light inside. Whereas the SnoozeShade is made of air-permeable perforated mesh that lets in light when the room is brightly lit. 
  • The SlumberPod is larger and takes up space in the room, while the SnoozeShade just covers the baby’s crib or travel cot and can be closed flat when not in use. 

Which One Is Better for Babies: SlumberPod or SnoozeShade?

A SlumberPod and a SnoozeShade, both have their pros and cons. Knowing which one is better for you depends on your needs and preferences. 

If your baby or toddler sleeps comfortably in total blackout and needs their space to move around, then the SlumberPod will be a good fit. But if your baby likes a cool cozy environment with just the right amount of light, then the SnoozeShade might be a better choice for you. 

Other than that, if you don’t have any space around the room to set up a tent, then you should probably look into the SnoozeShade as it does not take up any more space than the crib or cot you already have. While the SlumberPod will take up more space and will need to be assembled each time you need to transfer it from one place to another. While sleeping tents allow your baby to sleep peacefully, play tents allow your toddlers to use the creative skills and imagination.

Benefits of Using A SlumberPod vs SnoozeShade

Both the SlumberPod and the SnoozeShade create a dark and cozy environment for babies to sleep in comfortably. The blacked-out space eliminates all distractions and lets your baby sleep anywhere. 

Additionally, the SlumberPod and SnoozeShade are great for travelers who need something familiar for their baby to be calm and content at night time. 

Both products have an easily portable design and come with a carrying bag, making it super convenient to carry over from one place to another for your baby to sleep. 

Comparison of SlumberPod vs SnoozeShade

We dive into more details and compare features of both the SlumberPod and the SnoozeShade in this section. 

1. Assembly

Similarities: The SlumberPod and the SnoozeShade are very different from each other because one is an actual tent while the other is just a canopy. Yet, both are very easy to assemble and even takedown.

Differences: SlumberPod takes about two minutes to assemble into a perfect privacy nook for your little one. 

While the SnoozeShade just takes seconds to assemble as you just have to drape it over your baby’s pack n’ play and tie each of the velcro ties at each corner to create a cozy, safe space. 

The SlumberPod comes with complete assembly instructions and can either be done flat on the floor or over the pack n’ play. 

2. Size and Space

Similarities: Both the SlumberPod and the SnoozeShade can be assembled into a darkening tent and crib cover, respectively. What’s similar is that both can be closed flat when not in use and stored easily. 

Differences: Due to the nature and design of the SlumberPod and the SnoozeShade, their size and space vary significantly. 

The SnoozeShade is designed to fit a standard rectangular pack n’ play or travel crib. That’s around 37.5 inches x 25.5 inches in size. 

While the SlumberPod is larger than the standard crib and is tall enough for toddlers to move around and stand up. The SlumberPod is roughly 50 inches long, 36 inches wide, and is about 56 inches tall, making it comfortable for babies to move as they wish.

3. Portability

Similarities: Both the SlumberPod and the SnoozeShade are designed to be easily portable and come with a carrying bag. They can fit the standard carry-on luggage and can be taken on trips conveniently. 

Differences: Even though both products are portable, the SlumberPod is significantly heavier than the SnoozeShade. 

Weighing around 6 pounds, the SlumberPod also has tent poles which make it slightly complicated to carry while traveling, since they can’t be fully compressed.

While the SnoozeShade is simply the fabric canopy and can be compressed easily to fit inside its carrying bag for easy portability. 

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4. Blackout Levels

Differences: The purpose of both the SlumberPod and the SnoozeShade is to create a safe and dark environment for your baby to sleep in, but they both differ in their blackout levels. 

The SnoozeShade is made of 100% polyester perforated mesh that is air permeable but also lets in light. When a baby is inside their crib with the SnoozeShade on, they can see what is going on around them. 

While the SlumberPod creates a full dark environment, even when placed in a brightly lit room. 

5. Airflow and Breathability

Differences: Even though both the SlumberPod and the SnoozeShade offer good airflow and breathability, they are both made from different materials are differently ventilated. 

The SnoozeShade has an air-permeable polyester mesh fabric that allows air to flow freely in and out. 

While the SlumberPod uses a different fabric that is not as breathable but the size of it plus the ventilation flaps allows for decent airflow. It even has a fan pocket where a small fan can be placed to keep your baby cool and comfortable while they sleep. 

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6. Ventilation Flaps

Similarities: Besides an air-permeable fabric, ventilation flaps are also necessary to keep the baby cool and comfortable while they’re in the cot with the SnoozeShade or SlumberPod over it. 

Both have windows that allow for better airflow and ventilation while the baby sleeps through the night. 

Differences: The SlumberPod has two ventilation flaps that can be adjusted to 4 different heights. They are easy to open and close and let in air plus light when open. 

While the SnoozeShade has two large windows that can be opened and closed easily to let some breeze in the crib. 

7. Age Limit

Differences: The SnoozeShade can be used for newborn babies till they are 6 months old. 

While the SlumberPod is recommended for babies that are at least 4 months old and can be used till when they are older and need a cozy place to sleep. 

8. Safety Standards

Differences: Created by a safety-obsessed mom, the SnoozeShade meets strict safety standards put in place for newborn baby items. Its safety testing is done by an independent laboratory SGS and meets the CPSC and CPSIA standards. 

The air-permeable fabric of SnoozeShade is tested to ensure the safety of your little one and keep them cool and comfortable through the night. 

The SlumberPod, on the other hand, meets the CPSC & CPC standards and has been tested with all ventilation flaps closed and no fan to ensure maximum safety of your baby. 

9. Add-Ons and Accessories

Differences: The SnoozeShade doesn’t come with any additional features or accessories. However, it does have a storage pouch on the outside to keep baby items such as diapers, wipes, clothes, or toys. 

In contrast, the SlumberPod features a camera pouch to monitor the baby while they sleep and a fan pocket for the SlumberPod fan that can improve the airflow inside the tent.

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10. Price

Differences: The SlumberPod is a bit on the expensive side with a starting price of $175. It comes in different colors and styles. It also has add-ons like the SlumberPod Fan to keep the tent cool while your baby sleeps inside. Combined with the Fan, the SlumberPod’s price tag is about $210. 

In contrast, the SnoozeShade is an affordable sleep canopy that is priced at $90 for a pack n’ play. While SnoozeShade doesn’t feature any add-ons and accessories, it does come in different styles that are compatible with baby strollers and carriers. The price of SnoozeShade ranges from $30 to $80. 

You can even save extra by investing in Snoozeshade bundles for the carrier, pack n’ play, and stroller.

Comparison Table: SlumberPod vs. SnoozeShade

Here’s a simple comparison table of SlumberPod vs. SnoozeShade based on the manufacturer’s provided product specifications. We have listed the most important specs that you should know about before making the purchase decision.

Age Range4 months and older0-6 months
Weight5.64 pounds2.05 pounds
Foldable YesNo
Dimensions50 x 36 x 56 inches11.81 x 7.48 x 3.94 inches
Carrying BagIncludedIncluded
Light LevelsAdjustableAdjustable
Ventilation4 Ventilation Flaps and Fan PocketAir-permeable Fabric
Safety StandardsCPSC & CPCCPSC & CPSIA

SlumberPod and SnoozeShade Reviewed

1. Best for Parents Who Like to Travel: SlumberPod Portable Privacy Sleep Nook

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Top Pros:

  • Easy to Assemble
  • 4 ventilation flaps and fan pocket for proper airflow
  • Portable and comes with a carrying bag
  • Bottomless feature doubles up as a cot/crib cover

Top Cons:

  • Not suitable for newborn babies
  • Ventilation Flaps also lets in extra light

A blackout privacy pod, the SlumberPod is the ultimate sleep accessory for your baby to get a good night’s sleep in any room, any place and at any time comfortably. With its bottomless design, the SlumberPod fits easily over a travel crib, a mini-crib, and even toddler cots. 

It has 4 ventilation flaps, a camera pouch to keep an eye out for your baby, and a fan pocket to keep the tent cool during the summer. Super easy to assemble and take down, the SlumberPod even comes with a carrying bag for convenient portability. 

Who is it best for?

For parents who need a spacious private nook for their little one.

2. Best Portable Cover for Pack ‘n Play: SnoozeShade Canopy Cover and Tent 

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Top Pros:

  • Air-permeable and breathable fabric
  • Easy to use and fits standard rectangular pack n’ plays
  • Light levels can be adjusted with side panels
  • Portable and comes with a carrying bag

Top Cons:

  • Can make the pack n’ play warmer
  • Could take some time for the baby to adjust to the cover

The SnoozeShade is an essential pack n’ play accessory for your little one that creates the perfect dark and safe environment so they can sleep comfortably. Meeting all essential safety standards, the SnoozeShade is made to fit all standard rectangular baby cribs and cots without any complex attachments or assembly. 

The SnoozeShade blocks about 94% of the light, which can also be adjusted with its top panels, allowing you to make sure the baby is calm and happy inside. 

With its portable, lightweight design, and the included carrying bag, the SnoozeShade is the perfect sleep equipment for you to take on your trips, vacations, and holidays and allow your baby to sleep soundly, just like at home. 

Who is it best for?

For parents who need to create a dark cozy environment for their newborn baby to sleep comfortably.

Final Words

A baby that sleeps comfortably is a happy one, and a happy baby keeps the whole family comfortable. This is why the SlumberPod or the SnoozeShade is the best thing you can buy for yourself and your little one. Safe to use and easy to assemble, the SlumberPod and SnoozeShade will make your baby fall asleep in no time while you go on about your day or rest peacefully at night. 

We recommend you buy the SnoozeShade if you are an avid traveler and need an easily portable device to calm your newborn baby at night. The SlumberPod can also be used while traveling with your toddler, but it might be a hassle to keep everything and make sure you don’t misplace its poles. 

So, if you need a dark privacy nook for your baby to sleep in even if you don’t travel much, then the SlumberPod is a good option to go since it is much larger in size and lets your baby move around when awake.