PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200: Kids’ Headphones Comparison


Which headphones should you get for your child: PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200? This comparison guide will take a deep look at these three popular Puro Sound Labs headphones and select the best one for you.

Choosing a pair of decent headphones is not easy. Choose one for kids is even more daunting. That’s why many parents go with a known brand such as Puro Sound Labs who specializes in volume-limiting headphones that are suitable for kids.

Let’s start by knowing some basics about PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200, and then compare them side by side. You can also jump to our product review section to get a whole picture.

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Headphones

Winner: PuroQuiets Noise Cancelling Headphones

It offers active noise-canceling, can be wireless, and has a long battery life

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Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Headphones

Best Stylish: BT2200 Volume Limited Headphones

It offers more color options, has a stylish design, and easy to use

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PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones for Kids

Best Basic: PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones

It must be wired, avoids Bluetooth radiation exposure, and is inexpensive

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What Are Volume Limited Headphones?

Volume limited headphones or earbuds restrict the maximum volume the listening device can set to. In simple words, volume-limiting headphones cannot play music at a very high volume.

That means even if you set your computer, phone, or tablet to the maximum sound volume, there is still a limit on how loud your headphones can play the sound.

Why Choose Volume Limited Headphones for Kids

Why Choose Volume Limited Headphones for Kids?

Why would someone need volume-limited headphones? Well, according to the CDC, long exposure to loud noises can damage ear cells and even cause hearing loss.

The danger is that this doesn’t happen overnight but gradually. That’s why kids who don’t fully understand the harmful effect of loud noises are at higher risk of impairing their heading abilities.

Volume limited headphones are mainly designed for kids and teenagers who love music or need to use headphones for online classes for an extended period of time. The restriction on the volume can prevent damage to the ear membranes

Who is Puro Sound?

Puro Sound is a company that specializes in making kids’ friendly headphones. The founder Niki Russell suffered noise-induced hearing loss and is partially deaf.

The personal experience of the founder motivated her to start this brand to help other kids avoid preventable hearing loss. Puro Sound currently has two collections of headphones for kids: Volume-Limiting Headphones and Hearing Protection.

Why Choose Between PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200?

Among all Puro Sound volume-limiting headphones, PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 are the most popular ones.

If your child has a preference on the type of connection, the color, and the appearance of the headphones, you should be able to find a great choice among PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200.

How to Compare PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200

How to Compare PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200?

Though PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 are all volume-limiting headphones that can help protect kids’ hearing, they have some major differences. So how do you evaluate them? Here are some tips:

  • Types of Connection. The key point to check here is whether the headphone is wired or wireless, whether it has Bluetooth, what types of audio cable it uses.
  • Hear Protection. You want to check what is the maximum volume that the headphones allow. According to deafblind.org, the suggested volume is between 60 to 85 decibels.
  • Microphone. If your child also uses the headphones to record or take interactive training, it’s important to have a built-in microphone.
  • Battery Life. If the headphones are wireless, you also need to check how long it takes to charge the headset and how long the battery can last.
  • Noise Cancelling Feature. The noise-canceling feature helps reduce unwanted ambient sounds so that you can listen to music in a noisy environment without raising the volume.
  • Accessories. Does the headset offer a case, does it come with the necessary cables? If not, how much does it cost to get extra add-ons?
  • Syle and Color. PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 have many color options. If your child is particular about the look and design of the headphones, it’s a good idea to check the color options first.
  • Comfort. Can the earcups rotate? How heavy is the headset? Can your kid hang the headphone on her neck? You also want to check what material the earcups are made of.
Comparison of PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200

Comparison of PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200

It’s quite difficult to tell the differences between PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 as the descriptions online look quite similar. That’s why we actually purchased all three headphones so that we can take a closer look at them.

1. Type of Connections

Similarities: All PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 can be used with a cable.

Differences: PuroBasic is wired headphones and must be used with a cable. It uses a universal 3.5mm plug to connect the headpiece via a standard audio jack. What does it mean to you? It will work with most laptops or computers but won’t work with mobile phones that don’t have a phone jack. For example, some latest iPhones.

PuroQuiets and BT2200 use Bluetooth so that your child can wear the headphones without a wire. The Bluetooth version for both headsets is Bluetooth 5.0 and the range is 30 feet.

However, you also have the option to use a regular audio cable in case the headset runs out of battery.

2. Ear Protection

Similarities: PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 have the same specifications when it comes to ear protection. All three models limit the maximum sound to 85 dB, which is recommended by the WHO and OSHA as the safe listening level.

3. Microphone

Similarities: PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 all have a built-in microphone so that you can record sound or use the headsets for two-way calling or playing games.

Differences: The only minor difference is that that PuroBasic’s microphone is on the in-line control panel of the cable. If you have multiple family members talking simultaneously or you live in an apartment, this type of microphone allows you to move it closer to your mouth so that the receiving end can hear you more clearly.

4. Battery Life

Differences: Battery life is not applicable to PuroBasic because it must be plugged into the listening device. The battery life for PuroQuiets is 35 hours.

The battery of BT2200 can last up to 20 hours when being continuously used and can last 200 hours when on standby.

5. Noise Cancelling

Differences: PuroBasic does not have noise-cancelling feature. However, the cups are designed to help filter out 85% of ambient noise.

PuroQuiets is the only noise-cancelling headphones among these three models. You can use the noise-cancelling feature even when you are not playing music. For example, when you are doing homework in a noisy environment.

BT2200 is not noise-cancelling but is noise-isolation. What does this mean? It means that this headset uses the seal between the user’s ears and the headphones to block out noise.

6. Style and Color

Similarities: All PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 are on-ear headphones and have multiple color options.

Differences: PuroBasic is the only headset that can be folded in multiple ways. You can fold the ear cups inward to save space.

PuroQuiets and BT2200 can’t be folded but the ear cups can rotate so that you can store them in a case.

In terms of color, PuroBasic offers 4 colors, PuroQuiets offer 7 colors, and BT2200 offers 8 colors.

PuroBasic can be folded in multiple ways
PuroBasic can be folded in multiple ways

7. Pricing

Differences: As the most basic Puro Sound headphones, PuroBasic is the least expensive headset among all three and it costs around $20. PuroQuiets and BT2200 cost around $80.

Which One Is the Best: PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 ?

After a long comparison, which one is the best hearing protection headset for kids? Is it PuroBasic, PuroQuiets, or BT2200? Our conclusion is that PuroQuiets is the winner of these three models. It’s compatible, can be wired or wireless, and has an active noise cancellation feature.

PuroBasic is great starter headphones for kids if your child doesn’t need to use it with a mobile device. BT2200 is the best choice if your child prefers its appearance.

Product Reviews

1. PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones

PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones for Kids

Top Pros:

  • The ear cups can be folded and the headphones are easier to carry around
  • It is the least expensive headset among all three
  • It is the most lightweight model

Top Cons:

  • It uses a 3.5mm audio cable which is not compatible with most iPhones and Pixel phones.

PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wire Headphones are a good starter headset for kids.

Even though it’s inexpensive and it’s entry-level, the sound quality of PuroBasic is crystal clear. The maximum volume this device allows is 85 dB, which is within the recommended range by the World Health Organization.

There are pros and cons of wired headphones. The biggest drawback is that you must be near the audio device all the time. Plus the universal audio cable of PuroBasic cannot be used on devices that don’t have headphone jacks or use USB C ports.

However, the advantage is that you never need to worry about battery issues and the health risk of Bluetooth radiation exposure.

Besides being the most portable, this headset does come with a built-in microphone and an in-line control panel. It is also quite straightforward to use.

Who Is It for?

PuroBasic Volume Limiting Wired Headphones is for little kids who don’t need to use the headphones with mobile devices

2. PuroQuiets Noise Cancelling Headphones

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiets Headphones

Top Pros:

  • It features Bluetooth 5.0V wireless connection
  • It sports active noise-cancelling feature
  • It uses AL6063 aluminum for enhanced durability

Top Cons:

  • It can be expensive depending on the color you choose

PuroQuiets is a more versatile headset for kids that can last many years. That’s why some parents just skip the entry-level headphones and go directly with PuroQuiets.

PuroQuiets can be connected to tablets, phones, laptops, and computers using Bluetooth. Going wireless is not only convenient but also prevents danger from choking and stumbling for kids.

If you prefer to use a cable anyway, you have the flexibility to use the standard audio cable to connect the headphones and the audio device. That way your headset also gets a chance to be charged.

PuroQuiets is the only model that offers the active noise-canceling feature. It can help filter-on unwanted ambient noises so that your child can hear better without increasing the sound.

This is quite important if you work from home and your child needs to take online training at the same time. It’s also useful if you live in a noisy neighborhood.

Who Is This For?

PuroQuiets Noise Cancelling Headphones is the best overall headphones for kids that is flexible, compatible, and protects hearing.

3. BT2200 Volume Limited Headphones

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Headphones

Top Pros:

  • It offers eight adorable colors
  • It has a noise-isolation feature
  • It has a more stylish design

Top Cons:

  • It doesn’t offer active noise-cancelling

If you compare PuroQuiets and BT2200, you can barely see any major differences. They both use the same Bluetooth format and offer the same volume limiting features.

The main difference is that BT2200 features rounded ear cups whereas the ear cups on PuroQuiets are rectangular.

With BT2200, you can also switch between music and phone calls seamlessly. The ear cup features buttons for your child to adjust the volume, turn the headset on and off, and pause or start the playback.

Who Is It For?

BT2200 Volume Limited Headphones is for kids who prefer a wireless headset that is also stylish and comfortable.

FAQs About Kids’ Headphones

Are wireless headphones safe for kids?

Wireless headphones are safer for kids comparing to wired headphones because cables can cause choking or stumbling that is dangerous for kids.

However, listening to music or calls for a prolonged period of time at a high volume will harm your child’s hearing regardless if the headphones are wired or wireless.

The World Health Organization recommends that the volume should be limited to 60 to 85 decibels and 8 hours to reduce hearing damages.

Are Bluetooth headphones safe for kids?

Many parents worry if Bluetooth is harmful to babies and kids. The current scientific consensus is that cell, WiFi, and Bluetooth doesn’t cause harm to human cells or tissues.

However, there is no sufficient study on the effect of Bluetooth on babies and kids. Therefore, it’s a good idea to limit how long your child uses Bluetooth headphones in a day.

Do noise cancellation headphones help with sleep for kids?

Noise-canceling headphones use active ambiance sounds to block unwanted ambiance noises. This can help reduce anxiety and stress, therefore, helps children sleep better in a noisy environment.

However, we only recommend using noise cancellation headphones to aid sleep when your child is in a car or on a plane. We recommend using a noise machine instead if your child is sleeping at home.

Final Words

At the end of this article, we hope you have found some clarity on the differences between PuroBasic vs PuroQuiets vs BT2200 and which one to get. Our final recommendation is the PuroQuiets is the best overall headphones for kids and BT2200 offers similar features but a more stylish look.