LEGO vs. K’NEX: Top 6 Things You Need to Know


Building blocks and construction toys are one of the best toys you can buy for your little one as they help kids develop their creative and cognitive skills. Popular construction toys, such as LEGO and K’NEX, encourage STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Education among children as young as 3 years old.

Specifically designed plastic bricks, motors, rods, and accessories for safe use, these construction sets enable kids to create buildings and structures that are creative and intricate, helping them understand how things can be built and taken down. 

And you know the best part, these sets are super fun to play with and enable kids to have fun for hours on end! But how can you decide which brand of construction sets is best for your kid? Don’t worry because we are here to help you out. 

In this article, we will compare LEGO vs. K’NEX in detail, discuss its pros and cons, and also highlight the differences of each one, so you can decide which blocks are best for your little one. 

If you are in a hurry, you can always jump to the comparison guide, the comparison table, or even check out the product review section to know if LEGO or K’NEX is the best for you and why.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

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Best Creative Brick Box


The ultimate building brick box for kids to explore their creative and imaginative side.

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Best Model Building Set


Model Building Set to inspire young engineers to create anything they can think of.

Differences Between LEGO and K’NEX

Even though both LEGO and K’NEX are toys that enable kids to build and construct different things, both are quite different from each other. 

LEGOs are basically building bricks that can be interlocked with each other to build intricate and real designs with a lot of color variations. 

While K’NEX has distinctly shaped snap-fit pieces that can be attached together to create unique structures and explore different engineering mechanisms. 

The key differences between LEGO vs. K’NEX are:

  • LEGO’s greatest strength is its capacity for detailing constructions and designing intricate real-time buildings and objects. While K’NEX’s strong point is its flexible yet complex nature that helps build incredible designs and detail structures with small base range pieces. 
  • In terms of durability, LEGOs are significantly durable and have a number of differently colored bricks. Whereas K’NEX does last for long but is not as durable as LEGO bricks. 
  • Lastly, both toys are different in terms of price range and affordability. Even though K’NEX offers complicated and intricate design models, it is more affordable than LEGOs.

Which One Is Better: LEGO or K’NEX?

Deciding if LEGO or K’NEX is better for your kid can be a tough call to make but if you compare the features and specifications of both toys, it can get easier to decide which one you should buy. 

It depends on the age of the kid you want to buy the blocks set for, and really how much you can spend on the toy. 

If you’re looking for a toy that will grow with your kid, and enable them to learn how to make different structures with complex details and intricate designs, then K’NEX could be a good choice for you. Plus, it won’t be heavy on your pocket. 

But if you have a younger kid that gets attracted to colors and would love to build cute buildings and different objects, then LEGOs might be a better option for you. It is a bit expensive but LEGOs are durable and last a long time, making them an essential toy for your kid’s toy collection that they can look back to in the future. 

Comparison of LEGO vs. K’NEX

We dive into more details and compare features of both LEGO vs. K’NEX in this section. 

1. Material

Similarities: LEGO and K’NEX blocks are both made of plastic, which is safe and non-toxic. 

Differences: However, when put to the test, LEGO bricks are more durable than KNEX. LEGOs can last a long time and withstand heavy impacts and weights without breaking. 

2. Design

Similarities: Both LEGO and K’NEX are designed to create realistic buildings, structures, and objects. This enables kids to extract real-world knowledge from their playtime and build models that exhibit real things they see and observe all around. 

Differences: Classic LEGO blocks have a brick shape design that can be interlocked with each other for creating buildings and other things that one can think of. 

Meanwhile, K’NEX blocks have a differently shaped snap-fit piece that can be used to create complex engineering models and intricate structures. If your kid likes challenges and needs something complex to stimulate his logical and cognitive processes, then K’NEX might be the right choice. 

3. Weight

Differences: While both LEGO and K’NEX are easily portable and can be carried by kids wherever and whenever they want, LEGO blocks are a bit heavier than K’NEX due to their design difference. 

4. Storage Box

Similarities: Both LEGO and K’NEX come in special packaging that serves as a storage box for keeping and carrying the blocks. Kids can play with them whenever they like and keep them in the storage box for later use. 

5. Safety

Similarities: LEGO and K’NEX are both made of non-toxic plastic material that is safe for children to play with. However, both products come with a warning of Choking Hazard, making it unsuitable for kids below 3 years of age. 

6. Price

Differences: K’NEX building sets and blocks come at many affordable prices, making it an inexpensive option for parents to have a fun toy for their kids to play with. 

Whereas, LEGO classic sets, as well as the new advance tech-oriented sets, come at an expensive price tag. It could be off-putting for parents to spend hundreds of dollars to buy LEGO building blocks, but when it comes to durability and fun, the price is worth it. 

Comparison Table: LEGO vs. K’NEX

Here’s a simple comparison table of LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box vs. K’NEX Model Building Set based on the manufacturer’s provided product specifications. We have listed the most important specs that you should know about before making the purchase decision.

SpecsLEGO Classic CreativeBrick BoxK’NEX Model Building Set
Age Range4-99 years7-12 years
Weight2.2 lbs3.29 lbs
Dimensions14.57 x 10.31 x 7.09 inches16 x 7.75 x 10.5 inches
Colors33 different colored bricks10 different colored pieces
StorageBrick Box PackagingHandy Treasure Chest
Step-by-Step InstructionBooklet IncludedBooklet Included
Choking hazard for children under 3 years,Yes, small partsYes, small parts
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

LEGO vs. K’NEX Reviewed

Best Creative Brick Box: Lego

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Top Pros:

  • Over 30 different colored bricks
  • Compatible with all LEGO construction sets
  • Comes with a Storage Box

Top Cons:

  • The included base plate is small in size

LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box is the ultimate construction toy for kids to build a toy house, scooter, and much more using their creative imagination. Your little one will enjoy building for hours on end and have a fun time creating things they like. 

With over 33 different color pieces, including doors, windows, baseplates, tires, and wheel rims, your kids will love exploring their creative side. Your budding builder can even play with friends and create things to play with together. 

The Classic Creative brick box by LEGO is also great for introducing kids to construction toys since it is suitable for ages 4 and up. Its packaging also serves as a storage box for neatly storing all blocks away after playtime. 

In terms of the number of pieces, the LEGO classic box comes in different sizes to choose from and enables your kid to have the flexibility of building with as many blocks they require. 

As your kid learn how to build, you can even buy more blocks, so they can create even larger structures with intricate details and designs. 

Who is it best for?

For kids who love building toy houses, scooters and decorating them with different colors. 

LEGO Video: Exploring Endless Possibilities

Best Model Building Set: K’Nex

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Top Pros:

  • Versatile construction with step-by-step instructions for 70 unique models
  • Encourages STEAM development and helps in kids’ developmental growth
  • A treasure chest for storage included

Top Cons:

  • Very small parts that can easily be misplaced
  • Not for kids below 7 years of age

K’NEX model building set is perfect for encouraging STEAM education among kids and allowing them to create unique models inspired by real life. 

The process of building each model helps with kids’ developmental growth and enhances their cognitive thinking enabling them to understand how different things are made. 

With a variety of rods, connectors, and other snap-fit pieces, different types of figures, structures, and models can be built, following K’NEX detailed building guidelines.

 A great thing about K’NEX blocks is that the models built using them can actually move. From amusement park rides to a transforming robot vehicle, kids can create interactive toys using the included wheels, rotors, wings, and tracks.  

It also comes with its own treasure chest for storing each block and piece safely after playtime. Since the K’NEX model building set is made for ages 7 and up, it is a great upgrade from Kid K’NEX and other similarly easy-to-use blocks, so your kid can have fun creating complex structures. 

Who is it best for?

For kids who like toys that challenge them to think and create something out of the box. 

K’NEX Video: Where Creativity Clicks!

The Compatibility of LEGO vs. K’NEX

LEGO bricks are compatible with all construction building sets. Similarly, K’NEX snap-fit pieces are compatible with their range of model building sets. However, K’NEX pieces are not compatible with the Kid K’NEX range since the pieces of their kid’s range are larger. 

Now that is clear; you might also be wondering if LEGO and K’NEX are compatible with each other? Well, the answer is no, but they can be. 

With the Universal Construction Kit, compatibility between LEGO and K’NEX blocks can be enabled. But it doesn’t stop there; with the universal kit, different construction sets offered by Duplo, Krinkles, Gears, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Zoob, and Zome can also be used with LEGO and K’NEX to build new objects, structures, and buildings. 

The kit comes with 80 pieces that can be used to interconnect different building blocks offered by different brands and open up a new world of construction playtime like never before. You can test your child’s creativity by getting them the universal kit and be amazed by what they can build by using their imagination. 

Final Words

LEGO and K’NEX building blocks are great additions to any kid’s toy collection. These toys are specially built to develop kids’ logical thinking and enable them to explore their creative side. 

The building blocks are made to encourage STEAM education and open new doors for your little one to explore, create and build intricately detailed designs by following their imagination. 

Whether you choose LEGO or K’NEX, you will not be disappointed and will be happy seeing your kid create both simple and complex structures and having fun for hours on end. 

Now the decision is yours to pick. If you prefer something that is easier for your kid to understand and play with and has multiple colors, then you should opt for LEGO. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it may be better for you as they are durable in the long run. 

But if your kid likes more complicated things, and needs to be challenged then you should buy K’NEX. It is a lightweight, affordable option if you need something that doesn’t break the bank.