10 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 3-Month-Olds


Three-month-old babies are such sweethearts! They start to smile at you spontaneously and start to babble. Introducing the most age-appropriate toys for 3-month-olds will help them progress better in reaching their milestones.

At this age, your little one can interact better with toys that are colorful, make sounds, and move. It is a critical time to help develop their ability to track objects with their eyes, as well as use their hands and little fingers to hold and shake toys.

This guide is to help parents explore the most age-appropriate toys and gift ideas for 3-month-olds. Let’s dive right in.

More Toy Ideas:

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Shake

1. Best Age-Appropriate Busy Ball for 4-Month-Olds

Busy Ball for Babies

What Makes It Special?

  • Helps develop motor skills and color and visual perception
  • Colorful, interactive, fun, and lightweight
  • Plays musical sounds and songs

VTech’s Busy Ball is one of the best age-appropriate toys for 3-month-olds to train their dexterity. This colorful, interactive toy features six tracks that hold various toys that shake, twist, and spin around. This toy ball also features two adorable creatures: a smiling cow and a newly hatched chick. The yellow middle button also lights up, sparking your little tot’s curiosity.

Fisher-Price Baby Stacking Toy Rock-A-Stack, Roly-Poly Base With 5 Colorful Rings For Ages 6+ Months

2. Best Age-Appropriate Stacking Toy for 4-Month-Olds

Stacking Rings

What Makes It Special?

  • Adorable and colorful stacking ring toy
  • Figures a round-shaped bottom to prevent falling
  • Made with non-toxic material and easy to handle

This stacking ring toy is a suitable toy for 3-month-old babies, helping develop their skills such as hand-eye coordination and creativity. Moreover, it serves as an educational toy that can help develop their logic and thinking skills. This toy is also made with non-toxic material, suitable for young babies who love to “taste” anything that they can grab.

Sensory Balls Multiple Textured

3. Best Age-Appropriate Sensory Ball for 4-Month-Olds

Multi-texture Sensory Balls

What Makes It Special?

  • Features various textures, shapes, and colors
  • Equipped with rattling sounds when shaken

These multi-texture sensory balls are an ideal toy for babies 3 months old and up. These textured balls help enhance your baby’s visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses. They are also lightweight, allowing babies to handle them with comfort and ease. Additionally, these toys help strengthen your child’s ability to hold and grip things, as well as their visual skills and color perception.

VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

4. Best Age-Appropriate Automatic Rattle for 4-Month-Olds

Baby Rattler and Microphone

What Makes It Special?

  • 2-in-1 rattle and microphone toy
  • Plays 60 sounds and melodies
  • Has multiple buttons that your baby can press and poke around with

This 2-in-1 baby rattler and microphone is one of the best automatic rattles that are suitable for 3-month olds. Once you press the button, the toy plays musical sounds and melodies that catch your little one’s attention. The handle is designed with a nice curve that makes it easy for little babies to grab. But don’t worry if your child cannot hold it yet, this toy will help them practice using their fingers.

Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

5. Best Age-Appropriate Teething Key for 4-Month-Olds

Ice Gel Teether

What Makes It Special?

  • Colorful teether that helps stimulate gums
  • Can store in the freezer for cooling effect
  • Easy to hold for 3-month-olds

Though 3 months is still early, some babies start teething around this time. This colorful ice gel teether is a life-saver to help comfort a fuzzy baby who is suffering from teething pain. Besides letting your child chew on the gel teething, you can also put the teether in a freezer to create a better cooling effect. This can help your little one alleviate swollen gums and ease the oral discomfort.

Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time

6. Best Age-Appropriate Sitting Pillow for 4-Month-Olds

Prop-A-Pillar Seated Support

What Makes It Special?

  • Comfortable to sit in the provides decent support
  • Colorful, made with soft material, and
  • Helps baby’s muscle development (neck and head)

The Prop-A-Pillar Seated Support is a colorful sitting pillow that helps develop your 3-month-old’s neck and head muscles. The multi-layered back support is comfortable to lean on. Sitting up occasionally can help reduce a baby’s reflux stomach discomfort. It also gives a new perspective to your little one to explore her surroundings. This pillow comes with a detachable teether that’s free of any BPA material. Lastly, it can also be used as a three-way mini-activity gym for the baby.

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Moosical Beads

7. Best Age-Appropriate Musical Toy for 4-Month-Olds

Moosical Beads

What Makes It Special?

  • Cute and colorful plush cow design
  • Features light effects and buttons
  • Plays more than 30 songs

At 3-months, your baby cannot see most colors and she is most attractive to flashy things. This Musical Beads toy can play upbeat music as well as light up. These elements can spark your baby’s curiosity and distract her from getting bored easily. Additionally, it offers many different textures to improve your little one’s tactile skills.

Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

8. Best Age-Appropriate Car Seat Toy for 4-Month-Olds

Spiral Activity Toy

What Makes It Special?

  • Easy to wrap around cribs, car seats, and strollers.
  • Features adorable figures that 3-month-olds love
  • Comes in six different styles

This Spiral Activity Toy is one of the best age-appropriate toys for 3-month-olds and can be used in many places. Thanks to its flexible design, you can easily put it on cribs, car seats, and strollers. This multicolored activity toy consists of two clacker rings, a mirror, a rattle toy in the shape of a bird, and a lot more. The colorful hanging toys help keep your little one entertained and encourages her to reach and touch.

haakaa Teething Toys for Babies

9. Best Age-Appropriate Teething Palm for 4-Month-Olds

Colorful Teething Palm

What Makes It Special?

  • Made with food-grade silicone
  • Colorful and easy to grab
  • Helps ease teething pain effectively

This colorful teething palm by Haakaa is made of food-grade silicone material that is safe to bite and easy to clean. This teether features a unique shape of a hand, which attracts your 3-month-old’s attention immediately. Additionally, each finger has different textures and colors to stimulate your child’s tactile and visual development.

Smily Mia Penguin Buddy Never Drop Silicone Teething Toys for Babies 0-6month,Infant Hand Teether Pacifiers for 0-6Months Breastfeeding Babies, Easter Baby Basket Stuffers for 3-6Months,Light Blue

10. Best Easy-to-Grab Teething Toy for 4-Month-Olds

Teething Toy

What Makes It Special?

  • Offers 5 different color options
  • Serves as a pacifier as well
  • Super easy to grab and hold

This Penguin Buddy Teething Toy is made of soft, silicone material, making handling easy for both the baby and the parent/s. Its mushroom shape also has buds that are shaped like nipples, which babies are familiar with. This toy will help with the speech development of the baby, and promote them to hold and grasp things. Your 3-month-old can also hold onto this lightweight toy while napping.

Important Features to Look for Age-Appropriate Toys for 3-Month-Olds

At three months, your little one is just starting to pay attention to faces and toys. Though he is not quite ready yet to play around with toys using their hands, they have started trying and learning. That’s why parents shouldn’t get discouraged if their babies don’t seem interested, because showing them the toys is a way to invite them and encourage them to make a move.

What features to look for when buying the most age-appropriate toys for 3-month-olds? Here is a checklist you can use.

  • Look for toys that invite your child to grab. At three months, you will notice that your child is making an effort to swipe toys and try to touch them. Your little one will love toys that are colorful, bright, make sounds, and light up. Make sure that these toys are within his reach so that he feels comfortable giving it a try.
  • Avoid toys that are overly loud. Though your three-month-old loves sounds and melodies, make sure that the singing toys you provide are not too loud because they may harm your child’s hearing. Newborn babies have perfect hearings and long exposure to loud sounds can damage the hairs in the inner ears.
  • Look for toys that are safe to bite. 3-month-olds don’t have the ability to tell what is edible and what is not (this will last maybe another two years, so be patient mama). Whatever you provide your baby, make sure that it doesn’t contain chemicals, paint, and is not too small to cause choking. This is especially important when you look for teething toys. Always look for teethers that are made with food-grade material. Don’t save money on teething toys.
  • Toys are not everything, you are more important. At this age, your little one loves you WAY MORE than any type of toy. Yes, toys will help enhance their physical development and trigger their curiosity, but nothing can replace the interaction between you and your sweet baby. Therefore, make time to talk to her, cuddle her, and play with her.


How exciting that finally your newborn seems to be waking up to the world and to notice you. Now that she can see better and can tell your face from others’, seize this chance to provide her developmental stimulant to help her progress. Hope you have found the best age-appropriate toys for 3-month-olds in our guide.