Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 2-Month-Olds


Congratulations on having survived the first month. Now it’s time to relax a bit and start enjoying your little one. If you are looking for ideas for age-appropriate toys for 2-month-olds, this guide is the right article for you.

2-month-olds are starting to pay attention to faces and making cooing sounds (though they still cry a lot). You will also notice that your little one starts to get bored easily. How do you know? They will cry, get fuzzy, and demand attention. That’s why providing interesting toys can help you keep your tot entertained and happy.

Let’s take a look at our round-up of best age-appropriate toys for 2-month-olds by toy experts and real parents.

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Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy

1. Best Age-Appropriate Plush Toy for 2-Month-Olds

Activity and Teething Buddy

What Makes It Special?

  • Has a wide range of figure selections
  • Features bright colors and adorable characters
  • Promotes multi-sensory skills and is a great companion for babies

This Activity and Teething Buddy is a wonderful companion for 2-month-olds. Its cuddly appearance invites your little one to touch and explore. This rattle also features crinkled parts that appeal to little infants. What’s more, it even comes with a teething toy for your baby to chew on.

Fisher-Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse

2. Best Age-Appropriate Sleeping Buddy for 2-Month-Olds

Soothe & Glow Seahorse

What Makes It Special?

  • Adorable, pink plush seahorse figure
  • Plays musical sounds, lullabies, and oceanic sounds
  • Sports a comforting glow

This adorable plush seahorse is one of the best age-appropriate toys for 2-month-olds to sleep with. It plays music, lullabies, and oceanic sounds, making sleeping time for babies extra peaceful. These sounds can be activated by a soft squeeze. This also can teach him about cause and effect. The comforting glow helps calm down your little one when he feels insecure.

Handbells Baby Rattles

3. Best Age-Appropriate Crib Toy for 2-Month-Olds

Baby Rattles for Cribs

What Makes It Special?

  • Comes with colored hooks to hook unto the crib rails
  • Easy for babies to reach and grab
  • Teaches colors and shapes

If you are looking for something that can hook onto the crib or the stroller, these crib rattles are a perfect choice. They feature various adorable animal figures and have vibrant colors. The hanging shapes on the bottom of each animal are easy for babies to grab. They also introduce to your little one colors and shapes. Moreover, these designs will effectively attract your baby’s attention and help develop their visual perception.

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4. Best Age-Appropriate Teething Set for 2-Month-Olds

Musical Rattle Set

What Makes It Special?

  • Makes musical and rattling sounds when shaken
  • Sparks babies’ curiosity
  • Develops baby’s motor skills

This colorful musical rattle set is designed for little infants. This set comes with many cute rattle toys, including a car-shaped one, a steering wheel, and a telephone. The matte finish of these toys gives it a clean look. As a toy that babies love to bite, these rattles are made with materials that are non-toxic and environment-friendly. This whole set is also lightweight, allowing babies to quickly grab and play with.

Fisher-Price Baby Playmat Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym with Musical Toy Lights & Smart Stages Learning Content for Newborn To Toddler

5. Best Age-Appropriate Activity Gym for 2-Month-Olds

Infant Activity Gym

What Makes It Special?

  • An adorable, plush activity gym in the shape of a cloud
  • Stimulates baby’s visual, auditory, and kinesthetic skills
  • Provide decent room for tummy times

This infant activity gym is made with plush material and is fluffy and gentle to babies’ skin. It is also one of the biggest activity gyms that can even hold two babies at once. The playmat design is a stylish addition to any baby’s room and can even be a place where babies can take their afternoon naps. This activity gym also comes with cute plush hanging toys that help stimulate your baby’s sensory abilities.

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VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

6. Best Age-Appropriate Tummy Time Pillow for 2-Month-Olds

Discovery Pillow for Tummy Time

What Makes It Special?

  • Soft pillow equipped with many discovery play items
  • Sports buttons, lights, and music
  • Colorful, fun and interactive

VTech’s Discovery Pillow for Tummy Time is a colorful plush pillow in the shape of a giraffe. It is equipped with a variety of play items that enhance the discovery skills and curiosity of the baby. This giraffe pillow sports an elephant rattle toy, a hippo mirror, and a musical piano set. This pillow can be worn around the waist of a baby while he/she plays with the attached toys.

Baby Infant Rattle Socks Toys 3-6 to 12 Months Girl Boy Learning Toy

7. Best Age-Appropriate Rattle Socks for 2-Month-Olds

Wrist and Foot Toys

What Makes It Special?

  • Colorful and patterned animal designs
  • Knitted with soft fabric material
  • Monkey plushie has sounding bells and elephant plushie has rustle paper in the ears

These wrist and foot toys can help a baby to develop better motor skills, visual skills, and kinesthetic abilities. At 2 months, most babies spend their days lying on their backs. This toy can be worn on their wrists and feet and invite your little one to move their arms and legs. You may also notice your little one paying attention to her wrist wondering what is this cure little thing near her hand.

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8. Best Age-Appropriate Rocker for 2-Month-Olds

Infant to Toddler Rocker

What Makes It Special?

  • Colorful rocker with cute hanging toys
  • Toys are removable and has an adjustable seat recline
  • Seat is removable and washable

If your baby spends too much time lying flat and have reflux issues, this rocker is a great tool to help make them more comfortable. Since 2-month-olds are not able to sit up on their own, this reclining seat provides great support for infants to stay seated. What’s more, the toy bar consists of a rattle toy and a clacker ring. They keep your little one from getting bored easily. By the way, the whole rocker chair weighs only 6 pounds.

Baby Einstein Flip For Art High Contrast Floor Activity Mirror with Take Along Cards

9. Best Age-Appropriate Floor Mirror for 2-Month-Olds

Floor Activity Mirror

What Makes It Special?

  • Colorful activity mirror that comes with a flip card set
  • Has patterns to enhance child’s visual perception
  • Sparks curiosity as baby looks at herself in the mirror

Baby Einstein’s Floor Activity Mirror is an age-appropriate, eye-catchy toy for 2-month-old babies. Though your baby is not able to realize who it is in the mirror, she is always fascinated by faces! This toy helps make tummy time more entertaining and durable. You can also use these flip cards to help stimulate your baby’s vision. That’s what makes this one of the best age-appropriate toys for 2-month-olds and helps during tummy times.

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10. Best Age-Appropriate Hand Rattle for 2-Month-Olds

Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas

What Makes It Special?

  • Super easy for babies to grab and hold
  • Figures vibrant and attractive colors
  • Makes interesting sounds that encourage baby to shake the toy

These Rattle ‘n Rock Maracas come in a set of two and have three color variations: green/yellow, blue/orange, and pink/purple. These toy maracas are small for babies to grip comfortably. Both toy maracas make rattle sounds that are not only interesting to babies but also stimulate their hearing skills. It’s a great toy to encourage your child to use her arms and wrists.

Important Features to Look For in the

Two-month-olds babies are more aware of their surroundings and is starting to learn self-soothing. This is a critical time for infants to exercise their eyes because they are starting to track objects with their eyes. Additionally, your little one now knows what it feels like to be bored and he is not shy of displaying him boredom.

How to choose the most age-appropriate toys for 2-month-olds? Here are some guidelines you can use.

  • Look for toys with bright colors (or black and white). At this age, your child’s vision is still undeveloped, though he is starting to follow objects with his eyes. The primary colors that your child loves are high-contrast black and white, bright red, or vivid bright colors. The toys you buy should come in such colors in order to attract your little one’s attention.
  • Look for toys that can move around. 2-month-olds rarely pay attention to any still objects. To grab their attention, you need to manually shake the toy or you can get something that moves around. An over-the-crib mobile is a great choice to soothe your baby and keep her engaged.
  • Look for toys that help them sit up. Babies at this age are still susceptible to reflux. This makes them irritated sometimes. Besides burping your child frequently, find opportunities to seat them up to help with digestion, especially after a big meal. Toys such as sit-up pillows, rockers, or swings are suitable choices.
  • Look for toys that encourage tummy time. To help your child develop strong neck and shoulder muscle, your little one needs to spend more time on her tummy. However, most infants hate tummy time because it’s painful and boring. Look for toys that can tummy time more entertaining will help distract your child from the pain.


Time flies and you are already in the second month of your little one’s life. Hopefully, you get to know each other better and are developing a strong bond. The best age-appropriate toys for 2-month-olds can help make your mother-baby time more fun. Cherish every moment of this stage because your child will grow up and have her own mind before you know.