Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp: Pros, Cons, and Differences


Are you evaluating Stokee Steps vs Tripp Trapp high chairs? If you are also unsure about which one to get, this article will bring some clarity to you.

When parents shop for a highchair for their babies, the most important things are safety, ergonomics, convenience, and easiness to clean. Like many other furniture brands, Stokke has many different models to choose from. It can be daunting to decide which one is right for you.

In today’s article, we will compare Stokke Steps and Stoke Tripp Trapp wooden highchairs. We will list their pros and cons, and explain their Similarities and Differences. You can also fast forward to the detailed Product Review.

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Why Choose Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp?

Why choose Stokke among all the highchair brands?

Stokke was established in 1932 and it is a company that specializes in high-quality furniture. As a Norwegian company, Stokke is known for its minimalistic design, contemporary Scandinavian look, and solid quality.

If you are keen on buying a Stokke high chair, you will find that Stokke Steps and Tripp Trapp are the most popular options.

Both Stokke Steps and Tripp Trapp are high-end feeding chairs for babies and toddlers. Stokke Tripp Trapp adjustable highchair was developed in 1972 by Peter Opsvik, a furniture designer. It has since become the best-selling item of furniture in Norway. As an alternative, Stokke Steps is another well-received highchair with a modern design.

Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp

Important Features to Look for In A High Chair

For a parent who is new to high chairs, how do you know what to look for? You are already one step ahead by asking that question. Because besides the appearance and the price, there are many important aspects about a high chair that can either make your feeding experience a breeze or a nightmare.

  • Age Range. Most babies are able to sit up without assistance by 6 months. That is when parents start using high chairs for feeding solid food. The majority of high chairs are suitable for babies 6 months or older. But the design and the weight capacity of the high chair can limit how long you can use it.
  • Convertibility. Babies and toddlers grow fast. As they become bigger, taller, and more capable of self-feeding, they won’t like to be strapped down and forced to sit up. That’s why many high chairs can convert to other configurations such as a stand-alone toddler chair. Depending on your feeding plan, you may want to stick to a single-use high chair or a versatile one that can last many years.
  • Adjustability. Again, as your child grows, you will need to adjust the height and the footrest of the high chair to make it more comfortable. Additionally, the flexibility to change the height is crucial if you are using the high chair for different dining tables (a formal dining table, a deck dining set, and the kitchen island).
  • Stability. Safety is undoubtedly the first and foremost important factor for any type of high chair. The best high chair should have a stable base, is non-slip, and won’t turn over. The good thing about Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp is that they are both certified by JPMA.
  • Size. If space comes at a premium, you will want to look for a compact high chair that can fit comfortably and won’t get in the way. Additionally, if you live in the city or an apartment, you may want to fold up the high chair after each meal and store it somewhere else.
  • Easiness to Clean. Don’t underestimate how much work it is to clean the high chair after every meal. Babies and toddlers are known for being messy eaters. The best high chair can make your life miserable if it is difficult to clean.
  • Portability. If you need to move the high chair to different rooms, for example, from the kitchen to the dining room or the deck, then a portable high chair can make the transition much more effortless. Unfortunately, neither Stokke Steps nor Tripp Trapp has wheels. Therefore, portability won’t be our main focus today.
Comparison of Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp 1

Comparison of Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp

We have covered enough on how to evaluate a high chair. Let’s cut to the chase and look at the similarities and differences between Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp.

1. Age Range

Similarities: Both Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp high chairs are suitable for babies and toddlers between 6 months and 3 years. They also grow with the child into their teen years.

The weight limit of Stokke Steps is 187 pounds (85 kg) while the weight limit of Stokke Tripp Trapp is 242.5 pounds (110 kg).

Additionally, both high chairs can be used for newborns. For Stokke Steps, you need to purchase the Stokke Steps Bouncer and install it on the Stokke Steps high chair. For Stokke Tripp Trapp, you can purchase a compatible newborn set.

Stokke Trip Trapp newborn set is suitable for infants
Stokke Trip Trapp newborn set is suitable for infants

2. Convertibility

Similarities: Unlike some other high chairs that can convert to a stand-alone toddler chair, Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp high chairs are non-convertible.

However, if you purchase the bundle version of Stokke Steps and Trip Trapp, they both come with a baby bodyguard attachment for infants to sit securely in the high chair.

Once your child transitions into a toddler who can and is willing to sit up straight, you can then remove the infant seat and use the chair by itself.

3. Accessories

The way that Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp are marketed is quite different from traditional all-in-one high chairs. These two high chairs have many different versions depending on the accessories. As a matter of fact, accessories are one of the biggest differences between Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp.

Differences: For Stokke Steps, you can get a detachable tray to help hold the food, a silicone infant table placemat, a baby cushion to add padding on the chair and its back, a regular cushion for toddlers, and a Stokke Steps Bouncer that can be installed on the high chair.

For Stokke Tripp Trapp, the accessories are the newborn set, the Stokke Tray attachment, Tripp Trapp baby cushion to secure an infant, a Tripp Trapp storage tray to hold utensils and bibs, and Tripp Trapp Baby Cushion for extra comfort,

Like the Stokke high chairs, all the accessories are beautifully designed but are quite costly.

Baby Set for Srokke Steps
Baby Set for Srokke Steps

4. Adjustability

Similarities: There are not many adjustable components on Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp, though both high chairs allow you to change the positions of the footplates.

The reason to adjust the height of the footrest is so that your child can rest their feet comfortably. Additionally, these footplates make it easy for toddlers to get on and off the chair independently.

Differences: The seat on Stokke Steps is not adjustable whereas the seat depth of Tripp Trapp can be changed to three positions. The ability to adjust the seat allows your child to keep their knees at a 90-degree angle. Additionally, it helps your child sit in a fully-supported position so that it relieves the stress on their spines.

5. Safety

Similarities: Both Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp are certified by JPMA and meets the safety standard of ASTM. There are no harmful substances such as phthalates used on these high chairs. Additionally, the baby seats for both high chairs have a 5-point harness.

Differences: Stokke Tripp Trapp comes with extended gliders that you can remove or attach to the base of the high chair to make it more secure. These gliders are useful when you use the high chair for a newborn or if you have a spirited toddler.

6. Size

Similarities: Neither Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp can be folded. Therefore, make sure you have enough space to always keep them in the dining area.

Differences: Stokke Steps takes more floor space and Stokke Tripp Trapp is 3 inches taller than Steps.

Stokke Steps high chair measures 27.95 inches tall, 24 inches long, and 17 inches wide. Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair measures 31 inches tall, 20 inches long, and 18 inches wide.

Additionally, Stokke Steps is much lighter than Tripp Trapp. Stokke Steps weighs only 10 pounds whereas Tripp Trapp weighs almost 15.5 pounds.

The size of Stokke Tripp Trapp
Size of Stokke Tripp Trapp

7. Easiness to Clean

Similarities: Both Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp are easy to clean if you only use the high chairs without other accessories. That is also why many parents love the sleek design of Stokke high chairs.

But if you use other accessories such as the infant seat or the newborn straps, it can get much difficult to clean them. For traditional high chairs, you may only need to wipe the surface of the seat. But for these two high chairs, you need to clean the entire seat attachment.

8. Style

Differences: One of the biggest differences between Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp is the style.

Stokke Steps high chair has a more traditional design with a wide and secure base whereas Stokke Tripp Trapp has a contemporary appearance that features a triangle frame. Both are very sturdy but may add a different flavor to your dining room.

Additionally, Stokke Steps has a wrap-around to guard your child and lets her rest her arms on it. The design of Stokke Tripp Trapp is more ergonomic to help promote better postures, but your child doesn’t have a spot to place her arms if the chair is not near a table.

Which One Is the Best: Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp?

Both Stokke Steps vs Tripp Trapp are quite expensive. Without any accessories and add-ons, each high chair can cost $200 to $300. So which one should you get?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. But below are recommendations to help you decide on which one you should get.

If you are looking for a high chair that is comfortable, easy to use, and can become an all-in-one solution with additional accessories, Stokke Steps is the best option. If you are looking for the most ergonomic high chair that promotes good postures and helps establish good sitting habits, then Stokke Tripp Trapp is the one to go with.

Product Reviews

1. Stokke Steps Adjustable High Chair

Stokke Steps Complete 5-in-1 Adjustable Baby High Chair Bundle

Top Pros:

  • It features a contemporary Scandinavian design.
  • It is compatible with Stokke Steps baby bouncer.

Top Cons:

  • The depth of the seat is not adjustable.

Stokke Steps has gained many parents’ hearts not only because of its stylish appearance but also how easy and convenient it is to use.

For picky parents who have specific requirements on the color of the high chair, Stokke Steps gives you the flexibility to match a wide array of colors for the seat and the wood frame.

Stokke Steps can become a complete seat solution for newborns, babies, and toddlers with additional accessories.

For newborns, you can pair the high chair with Stokke Steps bouncer so that you can tend to your baby without bending down. Once your baby can sit up, you then install the baby seat to secure her in the seat. You also have the option to adjust the back of the baby seat.

When your child turns into an independent toddler, you can adjust the footplate to let her climb up and down the chair without your assistance.

Who Is It for?

Stokke Stepps high chair is for parents who are looking for a comfortable all-in-one seat solution that can grow with their child.

2. Stokke Tripp Trapp Wooden High Chair

Tripp Trapp by Stokke Adjustable Wooden Serene Pink Baby High Chair

Top Pros:

  • The seat depth and foot rest can be adjusted.
  • It provides more support and helps reduce the pressure on a child’s spine.

Top Cons:

  • There is no armrest on this high chair.

It is easy to see why Stokke Tripp Trapp became the best-selling furniture in Norway.

Unlike Stokke Steps, Tripp Trapp has a much bolder and modern design. This high chair uses a non-traditional triangle frame that is sturdy and space-saving.

There are several key reasons why you want to consider Stokke Tripp Trapp. The most important reason is that Stokke Tripp Trapp is one of the most ergonomic high chairs that help children shape good postures.

For example, you can adjust the depth of the seat to leave 2/3 fingers of space between your child’s knee and the seat. This can help keep your child’s knee at a 90-degree angle. Additionally, Tripp Trapp features a double curved seat back to provide support without placing stress on your child’s developing spine.

Like Stokke Steps, you can also use Stokke Tripp Trapp for a newborn if you purchase a newborn seat. One difference is that Stokke comes with additional extended gliders to make the chair more stable.

Who Is This For?

Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is for parents who are looking for an ergonomic high chair that can help their child build good postures.

Final Words

Stokke Steps and Stokke Tripp Trapp both are good-looking luxury high chairs that you can rely on. The main differences are their appearances and their focus on the features. We recommend Stokke Steps for parents who are looking for an all-in-one solution for their child and Stokke Tripp Trapp for parents who are looking for the most ergonomic seat solutions.