19 Best Christmas Gift Ideas and Toys for Toddlers of 2021


Looking for the best Christmas gifts for toddlers is a daunting task. Kids at this age are hard to shop for because nothing seems to grab their attention long enough. That’s why you are looking for the best Christmas gift ideas and stocking filler ideas of 2020.

What are the most entertaining holiday gift that is fun, educational, and perhaps beneficial for your toddler daughter or son’s development? In this roundup, we focus on Christmas gifts that are engaging, age-appropriate, parents-friendly, and toddler-approved. Let’s dive right in.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers

1. Best Multi-functional Gifts for Toddlers

Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

What Makes It Special?

  • A push walker, a ride-on, a sorter, and an educational toy all-in-one
  • Loaded with activities and sounds. It also counts the tiles.

If you want to find a toy that’s proven to be loved by all toddlers, the Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train is a tried and true best gift idea. The cargo can be detached and the train will become a baby push walker. Additionally, the cargo itself can become a ride-on toy. But that’s not all, this toy features sorting tiles, a lock, gears, and buttons that can light up and sing. It’s the best Christmas gift for toddlers and will go the distance of years of play.

Best Exercise Gift for Toddlers: Smart Cycle by Fisher-Price

2. Best Exercise Gift for Toddlers

Smart Cycle by Fisher-Price

What Makes It Special?

  • A functional cycle, driving toy, and game console 3-in-1
  • Promotes physical fitness and teaches agility

Want to entertain your toddler but don’t want him to be sedentary? The Smart Cycle by Fisher-Price is a brilliant multi-functional toy that will be a huge hit at this year’s Christmas party. Not only is it a fitness cycle to keep your toddler in shape, but it can also play games to motivate your child to stay active.

Coolest Christmas Gift for Toddler Boys: Ultimate Go-Cart by Radio Flyer

3. Coolest Christmas Gift for Toddler Boys

Ultimate Go-Cart by Radio Flyer

What Makes It Special?

  • Featuring drifting rear tires
  • Adjustable speed that can also be controlled by parents

Do you want to give the coolest Christmas gift for your toddler to remember for life? The Ultimate Go-Cart by Radio Flyer is a fancy ride-on that every toddler boy will dream to have. Not to mention its spectacular appearance, this vehicle can run at 2.5, 5, and 8 miles per hour and you can control it. This Parents’ Choice 2020 Award Winner is sure to be a hit for this Christmas.

Prextex Pack of 2 Cartoon R/C Police Car and Race Car Radio Control Toys

4. Best Christmas Gift for Toddlers Who Love Cars

Radio Control Race Car Set

What Makes It Special?

  • Colorful and vivid action figures
  • Features musical sounds and child-friendly light effects
  • Powered by remote control in the shape of a steering wheel

Featuring a cartoon vehicle look with vibrant colors, this radio control race car set is a wonderful Christmas gift for toddlers. This set includes 2 toy vehicles: a red toy car with a race car driver and a blue toy car with a policeman driver. Both toy cars are battery-operated. Don’t forget to also buy three AA batteries.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

5. Best Christmas Gift for Toddlers Who Love Sports

Smart Sports Center

What Makes It Special?

  • 2-in-1 toy sports center (soccer and basketball)
  • Features child-friendly LED light effects and sounds
  • Helps develop child’s motor skills

This Smart Sports Center is a 2-in-1 toy featuring a basketball hoop and a soccer goal. When your child is tired of playing with the balls, he can sit down and play with the interactive buttons and gears. The most fantastic part is that it also has a scoreboard to make sound effects while keeping a score of up to 10. That’s what makes it an amazing Christmas gift for toddlers to keep them busy and active.

Best Kitchen Playset Gift for Toddlers:  Best Chefs by Step2

6. Best Kitchen Playset Gift for Toddlers

Best Chefs by Step2

What Makes It Special?

  • A gorgeously designed kitchen that can sing and light up
  • Promotes toddlers’ imagination and communication through make-believe play

If you are looking for a full-fledged pretend-play toy that can keep your grandchild and his friends entertained for hours, the Best Chefs by Step2 will do the wonder. This toy resembles a real kitchen for toddlers’ body size. It features 25 realistic accessories and a stove and that can light up and play sounds. It’s not only a toy to entertain but also an educational tool to strengthen your little one’s communication skills and planning skills.

Step2 85314 Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

7. Best Indoor Playgrounds for Toddlers

Game Time Sports Combo

What Makes It Special?

  • Has staple playground equipment (slide, climber, basketball hoop)
  • Colorful, fun, and motivates toddlers to exercise
  • Includes a small basketball hoop and spinning rollers

This indoor playground toy is a combination of a slide, a climber, and a basketball hoop. With it, you don’t need to take your child to the park in the brutal winter. Another perk is that it comes with a basketball perfect for toddler’s little hands. Ready to let your little one burn more energy? This Christmas gift will help you with just that.

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

8. Best Christmas Gift Toddler Tablet

Kindle Fire 7 Kids Edition

What Makes It Special?

  • 2-year warranty by Amazon
  • Perfect for homeschooling
  • Your toddler can use it to read books, hear podcasts, and play games

Amazon’s Kindle Fire 7 is a tablet that is age-appropriate for toddlers. Now with many kids choose to study at home, this device can help them learn new languages through audiobooks, play educational games, etc, and most importantly, browse thousands of digital books. It is a perfect gift just in time for Christmas time and helps kids stay active during the winter break.

Best Building Block Gifts for Toddlers: Magnetic Tiles

9. Best Building Block Gifts for Toddlers

Magnetic Tiles

What Makes It Special?

  • Versatile magnetic tiles that can translate to cool constructions and toys
  • Promotes preschooler’s creativity, motor skills, and organizational skills

Do you know that magnetic tiles are very trendy this year? These Magnetic Tiles will make an awesome stocking filler idea that your child will adore. These 60 pieces of tiles are colorful, have different shapes and patterns, and can turn into toy cars or planes. It’s a gift for your toddler to show off his creativity.

Best STEM Civil Engineering Toy for Toddlers: Engineering Trucks and City

10. Best STEM Civil Engineering Toy for Toddlers

Engineering Trucks and City

What Makes It Special?

  • Features various types of construction cars and equipment, and a busy town map
  • Comes with a storage box to easily organize all toys

Engineering toys and car toys are many toddlers’ favorites. This Engineering Trucks and City is a remarkable toy set that teaches civil engineering, planning, and construction through pretend plays. With so many types of vehicles and a mat of a busy city, this toy will be the best Christmas gift for your kiddo to play with his best friends and siblings.

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11. A Unique Christmas Gift for Toddlers

Storybook Projecting Reel

What Makes It Special?

  • Clips on a phone and project classic stories on a wall
  • A unique gift that beings life to stories

If bedtime has always been a struggle, the Storybook Projecting Reel may be a great tool to change it. Once you clip the reels to any phone, it will show your toddler the colorful slides on a wall. What a creative way to engage your kiddo during storytime? This “special book” makes an awesome stocking filler to awe your little one.

A STEM Learning Toy Gift for Toddlers: Wooden Math Board

12. A STEM Toy Gift for Toddlers

Wooden Math Board

What Makes It Special?

  • Colorful numbers and symbols attractive to toddlers
  • Toddlers can practice stacking, sorting, and counting

Preschoolers are beginning to sort shapes and colors. This Wooden Math Board features cuddly numbers, symbols, and stacking rings that are perfect for your kiddo’s tiny hands. The vibrant color makes learning math more relaxing and fun. With this Christmas gift, your child can practice stacking, sorting, counting, and simple math equations.

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Best Drum Set Gift for Toddlers: Light-up Drum Set

13. Best Drum Set Gift for Toddlers

Light-up Drum Set

What Makes It Special?

  • 4 modes: free play, letters, follow-along, and numbers
  • Strengthen toddlers’ visualization memory and cultivate creativity

Many toddlers love to bang things and smash toys, this Light-up Drum Set is a marvelous toy for your kiddo to translate his creativity into music. Not only are there four modes to play, but each drum also features a unique light. On top of that, this toy drum can play all types of music such as rock and pop. It will be the best Christmas gift that your toddler will adore for years to come.

A Special Keyboard Gift for Toddlers, Picasso Tiles Rollable Keyboard

14. A Special Keyboard Gift for Toddlers

Picasso Tiles Rollable Keyboard

What Makes It Special?

  • A piano keyboard with a built-in speaker and can record and play demo music
  • Soft keyboard can also roll-up

If your toddler is still little but is amused by music and sounds, the Picasso Tiles Rollable Keyboard will quickly become his new favorite. Not to mention that this keyboard features 8 tones and 6 demo songs, it can also record sounds and has a built-in speaker. Furthermore, the keyboard can be easily rolled up so that you can even carry it in your purse or in your kiddo’s stroller.

Best Toy Car Gift for Toddlers: Push and Go Trucks

15. Best Toy Car Gift for Toddlers

Push and Go Trucks

What Makes It Special?

  • Each truck features its own unique actions
  • Fantastic ways to promote your toddler’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills

It’s no secret that toddler boys and girls love push and go cars. This Push and Go Truck Set offers much more: each vehicle sports its own activities. For example, the trailer can be disengaged from the truck and its door can open. Not only that, but your toddler can also practice overall coordination and fine motor skills while having unlimited fun. That’s why it makes one of the best Christmas gifts for toddlers.

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16. Best Musical Instrument Gift for Toddlers

Kids Musical Toy Set

What Makes It Special?

  • 15 types and 22 pieces of musical instruments
  • An entertaining way to cultivate creativity in music

Does your toddler love music? Why not surprise her with instruments so that she can make her own music? This Kids Musical Toy Set sports 22 pieces of popular instruments that your toddler will be obsessed with. Additionally, it helps cultivate your little one’s creativity and imagination. Many parents say that it’s a huge hit at family Christmas parties.

A Unique Christmas Gift for Toddlers:  Toy Vaccum by Cadson

17. A Unique Christmas Gift to Impress Toddlers

Toy Vaccum by Cadson

What Makes It Special?

  • A real functioning vacuum for kids
  • A stylish replica of Dyson Ball vacuum

Do you want to give something that’s really special and will impress not only your toddler but everyone else in the family? The Toy Vaccum by Cadson will be a huge hit at the Christmas party this year. Not only is it a miniature Dyson vacuum that’s perfect for kids to maneuver, but it also has working suctions and sounds so that your toddler can learn to stay clean and neat while having fun.

Best Wooden Puzzle Gift for Toddlers: Wooden Geometric Blocks

18. Best Wooden Puzzle Gift for Toddlers

Wooden Geometric Blocks

What Makes It Special?

  • Teaches numbers, shapes, colors, and how to count
  • Can be used as building blocks for constructions

Sorting and stacking toys are popular among pre-school aged kids as they help promote their cognitive skills. This Wooden Geometric Block Set is special because it has a wide range of adorable colors and is built with child-friendly material. Besides sorting, stacking, and counting, this board can also help your child learn fractions. That’s why this block set is the best wooden puzzle toy that makes a perfect Christmas gift.

Best Christmas Gift Tricycle for Toddlers: Perfect Fit Trike by Little Tikes

19. Best Christmas Gift Tricycle for Toddlers

Perfect Fit Trike by Little Tikes

What Makes It Special?

  • 4 ways to use and grow with your toddler
  • Thoughtful design for both parents and children

If your grandchild love to be outdoors and wants to learn biking, the Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike is a wonderful Christmas gift that she will cherish. The biggest scoring point for this trike is the considerate design that makes it safe for kids and convenient for parents. It’s a great way to train your little one’s overall physical balance.

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Toddlers love Christmas because they get to receive new toys and see other family members. The best gift ideas for toddlers must be entertaining as well as educational. Before you know, your little kiddo will be ready to go to school. Our toddler Christmas gift guide for 2020 is based on the feedback from experienced parents and the latest market trends in the toy industry. Have you found the best Christmas gift for your little one?