20 Best Christmas Gift Ideas and Toys for Girls of 2021


Looking for the best Christmas gifts for girls in 2020? Time flies and Christmas is around the corner. That means it’s shopping time again to get the most special gifts for your loved ones. Some people are looking for the sweetest gifts for their daughter’s first Christmas ever, while other people are searching for a not-so-traditional gift to thrill their nieces who already have everything.

This rounded up brings the best Christmas gift and stocking filler ideas for your sweet little girl. Let’s get started.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Girls

best Christmas gifts for girls

1. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Castle

Princess Castle Building Blocks

What Makes It Special?

  • Gorgeous castle with moveable accessories
  • 254 pieces block set for a great bargain price

Ask any parent they will tell you how much their kids love building blocks. Well, this Princess Castle Building Block will make a lovely Christmas gift your little girl will remember for a long time. In addition to building her dream castle using the 200 plus blocks, your little one can host a party in the banquet hall with mini-dolls. When she is done playing, this castle makes a beautiful decoration to add more class to her bedroom.

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Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator

2. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Barbies

Barbie Dreamhouse

What Makes It Special?

  • Features many household toy items
  • Has a built-in slide for Barbie dolls to slide through
  • The whole toy house stands up to 3-feet tall

This Barbie Dreamhouse is a top Christmas gift every girl would dream of. This 3-feet tall Barbie toy house sports eight different compartment including a fabulous bedroom, a glammed up kitchen, and a swimming pool! It is a great pretend-play toy with carefully crafted details. It is also a wonderful toy to spend time with friends and siblings.

VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio

3. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Loves To Make Music

Kidi Studio Instruments

What Makes It Special?

  • Enhances girls’ musical skills and creativity
  • Educational, multicolored, fun, and interactive
  • Features more than 40 songs

If your little girl wants to have a taste of what it feels to be a musician, then this instrument toy will help just do that. Along with the keyboard set, this toy has a built-in microphone, a spinning record, and various button controls. This is a great Christmas present for girls who enjoy music and is eager to make their own.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case in Pink, Coloring Set

4. Best Christmas Gift for Girl Artists

Inspiration Art Case Set

What Makes It Special?

  • Consists of a full Crayola set (crayons, colored markers, and colored pencils)
  • Helps girls express their creativity
  • Comes with a convenient case

This Inspiration Art Case Set of Crayola Set is sure to be a huge hit for this year’s Christmas. Thie mega set comes with 20 colored pencils, 40 colored markers, and 64 crayons. It also includes 15 drawing sheets. No matter what character your little one wants to make, she will have more than enough color to paint her creative mind.

Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Jewelry: Princess Style Jewelry Box

5. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Jewelry

Princess Style Jewelry Box

What Makes It Special?

  • Teaches girls to stay organized
  • Four cottony colors for any personality

Some girls have an abundance of toys, therefore, they will be hardly impressed with another piece of childish-looking toy. That’s why this Princess Style Jewelry Box will stand out from her other Christmas gifts and quickly become her new favorite. With plenty of space for bracelets, necklaces, and rings, it teaches your little one to be organized and neat. Plus, it also comes in handy when she goes on vacation.

Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Retro Toy

6. Best Light-up Puzzle Christmas Gift for Girls

Lite-Brite Retro Toy

What Makes It Special?

  • Enhances color perception and problem-solving skills
  • Flashy and colorful LED light effects
  • Inclusive of 6 design templates and 200 colored pegs

This Lite-Brite Retro Toy is an educational and creative toy designed to enhance color perception, problem-solving skills, and creativity of kids. This toy includes 6 design templates where kids will place colored pegs on the desired spots. Once done creating the provided image using the pegs on the design template, your little girl will enjoy seeing the magical lights that bring her creation to life.

A Christmas Gift for Horticulture Lovers: My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise

7. Best Christmas Gift for Horticulture Lovers

My Fairy Garden Unicorn Paradise

What Makes It Special?

  • Kids DIY a garden and watch it grows
  • Miniature toys for pretend play

Kids today are so spoiled that they have everything already. If you are looking for something unique and special, we recommend the Unicorn Paradise Garden. Not only can your little one customize it with pebbles and other accessories, but they can also use the included planting tools and a fairy for make-believe plays. Most amazingly, they will be thrilled to watch the seeds sprouting into beautiful leaves and flowers.

A Christmas Gift for Beauty Lovers: 12 Pc Kids Makeup Set

8. Best Christmas Gift for Beauty Lovers

12 Pc Kids Makeup Set

What Makes It Special?

  • Great size for Christmas stocking filling
  • A complete set for makeup novices

All girls love to be beautiful and charming. Chances are your little one is only starting to learn how to put makeup on. This 12 Pieces Kids Makeup Set is a fantastic Christmas present that she will be eager to open and use. Coming with all starter items such as nail polish, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, etc, this gift set has everything your daughter or niece needs for a fabulous new look! Plus, it costs less than $15.

Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Selfies: HP Sprocket Photo Printer

9. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Selfies

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

What Makes It Special?

  • Pocket-size printer makes colorful photos right away
  • Bluetooth connection allows everyone to print

It’s no secret that kids love to snap photos. These social media buffs are crazy about photos, short videos, and virtual stickers. The HP Sprocket Photo Printer is a cool Christmas gift that will certainly be a huge hit for your child or niece. Not only does it print vibrant photos from anyone’s phone right away, but it can also add cute stickers, texts, and emojis. We are sure that your little one will start using it right at the Christmas Eve party!

An Inexpensive Christmas Gift to Inspire: I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful

10. Best Inexpensive Christmas Gift to Inspire

I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful

What Makes It Special?

  • An inspiring coloring book to help establish confidence
  • Fun, educational, and thoughtful

Are you looking for a Christmas gift that is under $10 but is classy and meaningful? Well, there are no gifts better than the Coloring Book: I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful. Though low-cost, this book teaches your little girl to build strong self-esteem through coloring. It’s an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift idea that will benefit her for the rest of her life.

Most Popular Craft Kit For 8-Year-Olds: Decorate & Personalize Your Own Water Bottle with Tons of Gem Stickers

11. Best Christmas Gift for Crafts Lovers

DIY Water Bottle

What Makes It Special?

  • Girls can customize their own bottles using shiny gemstones
  • Cultivates creativity and imagination

If your little one loves arts and crafts, this DIY Water Bottle Kit will earn you big points on Christmas Eve. For a little over $10, your kiddo can create her own stunning personalized bottle with shiny gemstones. Furthermore, she will be proud to show off her latest creation to her classmates after the New Year. It’s a beautiful Christmas gift that is also useful and practical.

Most Popular DIY Magnet For 8-Year-Olds: 4M 4563 Magnetic Mini Tile Art - DIY Paint Arts & Crafts Magnet Kit For Kids

12. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Loves DIY Stuff

Magnetic Mini Tile

What Makes it Special?

  • DIY magnets can be used as decoration or gifts
  • Inspire your kid to be creative and imaginative

If your little one loves to collect fridge magnets, this Magnetic Mini Tile will make a wonderful Christmas gift for her. With all the necessary tools included, your little one can paint her imagination and creativity into mini magnetic tiles. She can use them for decoration or as gifts to her friends. It is a fun gift that your little one will enjoy using and sharing.

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Most Unique Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love to Draw: 3D Doodler Pen

13. Most Unique Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love to Draw

3D Doodler Pen

What Makes It Special?

  • Make real stuff by drawing, including toys and buildings
  • Inspires creativity and helps establish confidence

If you are hunting for a Christmas gift that will impress your kid and stay memorable for years, you will love this 3D Noodler Pen. Though 3D printing is not something new, it’s definitely an eye-opening concept when it comes to toys. Your baby girl can draw real objects such as toy cars, buildings, or whatever inspires her. There is no doubt that this will make a Christmas present that she will brag about to everyone. Oh, don’t forget to get extra colorful refill plastic!

A Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love to Sing: Portable Singing Machine

14. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love to Sing

Portable Singing Machine

What Makes It Special?

  • Connect through bluetooth or USB
  • Portable, flashy, and has decent sound quality

Does your little one love to sing? If you are looking for the most special gift for Christmas Eve to impress your little singer, this Portable Singing Machine is a remarkable choice. Connectable to TVs and mobile devices, this singing machine has all the fun features such as voice effects and ambiance control. It’s a top gift that brings joy to not only your little one but the entire family.

Most Stylish Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Music: Cat ear wireless headphones

15. Most Stylish Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Music

Cat Ear Wireless Headphones

What Makes It Special?

  • Unique and special cat ear design
  • Advanced functions for a fair price

Are you looking for a Christmas Gift that’s not only unique but also useful? Your little girl will surely adore these Cat Ear Wireless Headphones. Not only does is it a fully functional wireless headset with Bluetooth, a microphone that she can pair with her cellphone or tablet, but it also flashes with fancy LED lights to attract others’ attention. For all this, you only pay around $30. What a great bargain!

A Christmas Gift for Bubble Bath Lovers: Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set
Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Bubble Bath

16. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love Bubble Bath

Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set

What Makes It Special?

  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • 6 flowery scents to entice relaxation

Many holiday gifts end up collecting dust because they are not useful. Well, this Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set is sure to be utilized and remembered by your little girl. Made with dead sea salt that nurtures her delicate skin, she will not only enjoy the relaxing bubble bath but also be pleased to notice the fresh radiance on her body. That’s why it makes an excellent gift for girls of any age range.

A Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love to Cook: Fun with Friends Kitchen by Step 2

17. Best Christmas Gift for Girls Who Love to Cook

Fun with Friends Kitchen by Step 2

What Makes It Special?

  • Full-blown kitchen toy with elaborate accessories and features
  • Encourages imagination, team play, and promotes planning skills

What is the best holiday present for girls who love to try cooking? We bet there is nothing better than the Fun with Friends Kitchen by Step 2. With 45 pieces of realistic-looking kitchen accessories and hardware, your little girl can hop on a cooking contest with her friends. Through pretend-play, your kiddo learns how to organize, plan, and how to collaborate with friends. What a superb Christmas gift that is educational and entertaining at the same time.

Best Christmas Gift for Photography Buffs: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

18. Best Christmas Gift for Photography Buffs

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

What Makes It Special?

  • Upgraded model with a selfie mirror and better close-ups
  • Advanced features but easy to understand and use

Instax Cameras are by no means a new thing to many girls. However, when it comes to techie stuff, kids always want to have the latest version. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is the most recent version in 2020 that is improved for selfies and close-ups. It is a superb stocking filler idea that your little girl will love to use. Plus, what is better than gifting a gadget that can help make memories?

Best Christmas Gift for Ride-on Lovers: Maserati GranCabrio Ride-on

19. Best Christmas Gift for Ride-on Lovers

Maserati GranCabrio Ride-on

What Makes It Special?

  • Stunning appearance with advanced features
  • Features multiple ways to blast music

Cars and ride-on vehicles are not only for boys! This Maserati GranCabrio Electric Ride-on is a gorgeous kids’ car that every girl will be thrilled to have. Let alone the fabulous look, this electric car sports multiple ways to play your baby girl’s favorite music. In addition, it features 4-wheel suspensions to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. Yes, it is a splurge, but it will be one of the best Christmas gifts for girls that she will remember even after many years.

An inexpensive cuddly Christmas Gift : Plush Elephant

20. Best inexpensive cuddly Christmas Gift

Plush Elephant

What Makes It Special?

  • Adorable look and huggable material
  • Two price options: under $20 and under $10

If you are buying a Christmas for a little girl who loves cute-looking plush animals, this Plush Elephant by Bedtime Originals is a great choice. It makes a sweet stocking stuffer yet doesn’t cost you a fortune. Made with imported machine washable material, it looks elegant and cuddly yet only costs under $20. Your little girl will be pleased to hug it and drift into sweet dreams.

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We hope that our comprehensive list of Christmas gift ideas has brought you inspiration, and that you have found the very special present to make your little one the luckiest kid in Christmas Eve. We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas in 2020 and Happy New Year 2021!

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